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Join the Heart Portal!

THE HEART PORTAL is a unique and amazing higher energy connection, which offers you deeper experiences and greater contact with your heart, soul, guides, Higher Self and life purpose the more time you spend in the Heart Portal. It is made through the visitations and divine blessings of more than 1000 Angels and 1000 Archangels, who send you divine energy and open a spiritual portal of Light around your being. 


THE HEART PORTAL is a sacred space which will support you to let go, open your heart chakra and energy body, open your divine connection, receive divine energy and blessings, and aid you in establishing a higher consciousness connection with your guides, Higher Self or Divine Presence, in accordance to your higher life purpose. 

THE HEART PORTAL is a protected sacred space where negativity, unclear energies and other soul's thought forms, no longer influence you as your energy field is infused with a higher light energy, which protects you from receiving connection to lower vibrational energies. As you receive the divine energy, the Heart Portal also has the power to lift you out of contact with your lower self, the ego nature, for the period you receive the Heart Portal journey. Through a little training, you too will be able to OPEN THE HEART PORTAL whenever you wish, and open it in the presence of others who are in need of divine energy. 

Heart Membership is Free

Everyone can become a HEART MEMBER of the Sirius Library and Divine University and receive this blessing of grace and gift of love in their life.


Benefits of Joining The Heart Portal

  • You will be linking hearts with many around the world in spiritual community who walk their unique spiritual path whilst sharing the common heart prayer - PEACE & LOVE FOR ALL BEINGS and the GREAT BALANCE on Earth
  • You will receive DIVINE ENERGY to raise your Vibration
  • You will align more to your Heart Energy and be encouraged to Listen within and trust your Heart's Guidance
  • You may open or learn to Open your Divine Connection and shift into Higher States of Awareness
  • You will Establish your Higher Self Connection more easily, than when you are not in the Heart Portal
  • You will have a more expanded connection with your Guides
  • You can receive Enlightened Master Blessings
  • You may more easily let go within the Heart Portal, anything holding you back from your true soul and spiritual growth - your highest potential
  • You will receive DIVINE ASSISTANCE to align to your higher life purpose
  • You will receive LOVE INFUSIONS when you need them through the portal
  • You will receive THE AMRITA BLESSING every Sunday in your own sacred space
  • You will learn to OPEN THE HEART PORTAL whenever you need to receive divine energy or divine assistance

How do you attune to The Heart Portal?

THE HEART PORTAL AUDIOS offer an easy listening experience that attune your being to the HEART PORTAL. Once you have received the attunement, you will be able to simply say a few words to activate the Heart Portal to open in your sacred space.  5 beautiful mp3 audio recordings of Qala Sri'ama Phoenix's voice and Divine Presence, guiding you gently through some understandings and Heart Portal opening experiences, will offer you this sacred attunement process. These recordings are available on your personal Membership page, once you join.


Transmissions of Love and Light will pour forth into the space where you are as you listen to the HEART PORTAL AUDIOS in order, from 1 to 5. During this listening experience, divine visitations from the Angels and Archangels will take place to create your Heart Portal Attunement. During the attunement process, you are also offered an extra attunement to the AMRITA BLESSING. This attunement offers you the ability to receive the AMRITA BLESSING every Sunday, either at 9am or 9pm. Every member of the Sirius Library is offered this blessing once or twice on Sundays, if they wish for this, after they receive the attunement to the Heart Portal.

Pay it Forward

If you enjoy the divine blessings from your membership, you can pay it forward, by letting your friends and family know, this same free gift is available as a support for their spiritual and personal development.

Our prayer is that the HEART PORTAL bless many people on Earth who need love and light, and all those who would like to activate their own heart, higher life purpose and/or their divine connection with God-Source.

Blessed Be! Blessed Be the Earth! Blessed Be all Beings!