Our Free Divine Assistance Program

Receive Healing Infusions Every Night for 12 Weeks

The Divine University's 12 week Divine Assistance Program is free to join. It is offered as a free service to everyone, for the purpose of infusing divine energy for the alleviation, strengthening, comfort, nurturance and support of any individual needing energetic assistance in their life.
It requires no energy from you. You do not need to do anything special to receive it.  As soon as you sign up below, it will just start happening the very next time you go to sleep. It is that easy!!

Why Sign Up for this Free Assistance?

The 12 week Divine Assistance Program is specifically recommended as a support to any person who has stress, anxiety, fear, worries, emotional discomfort, emotional or physical pain or has a physical illness. If you are overworked, under loved, or feel out of balance, either emotionally, mentally or physically, this program will bring alleviation and relief to your being.

The 12 week program is a great energetic support for anyone battling with addictions, or their ego based desires. It will also help anyone build their energy levels again and support them to restore their energy and life balance if their physical energy or life force has been drained or if they are tired or feeling undernourished, emotionally or spiritually.

We only ask that you sign up with your Legal Name, and City, State and Country Residence Information, otherwise the energy support will not be able to reach you. After you register, the Angels will locate you through your home address. After this, even if you are travelling, they will be able to bring this support to you wherever you sleep.

What Happens over the 12 Weeks?

If you register to receive our 12 week Divine Assistance program, you will be placed on the following 7 Divine Energy Services for the 12 week period from the first evening you sign up.

All of the 7 Divine Energy Services described below will be offered to you during a 4 Hour Visitation from the Angels, Archangels, Holy Mother and Enlightened Ones in the comfort of your own home as you sleep each night.

Some of these Divine Energy Services will overlap and you will receive them simultaneously.  This will take place 7 nights each week, for a period of 12 weeks. 

Angels will come into your bedroom and ground a Chamber of Healing, Grace, Love and Light around you so you may be infused with the divine energy and healing vibrations. Once your energy body has been filled with the special healing frequencies, the Archangels or Enlightened Ones will bring the special cleanings or deep healing to you. This will take place each night for a period of 4 hours. 

The amount of divine energy and divine assistance that you receive as you sleep, is always determined by your Divine Presence, Higher Self and your Soul. The divine assistance is brought to you the many angels and archangels of the Heart Portal.
Through registering to receive the 12 weeks of DIVINE ASSISTANCE from the DIVINE UNIVERSITY Healing Teams, you are giving permission to receive the following 7 forms of healing support for a period of 12 weeks.

The Divine Love Infusions

This is a DAILY 90 minute energy infusion of love, brought to you by the Angels and Archangels and Holy Mother.

The Divine Grace Infusions

This is a DAILY 2 hour infusion of divine grace into the cells of your body, into your etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies and it is offered to you by the Angels, Archangels and Holy Mother.

Liquid Light Infusions

This is a DAILY 60 minute infusion of pure light, that is offered to you by the Angels, Archangels and Holy Mother.

Core Cleanse and Balance

This is a Sacred Balance and Cleansing of your Central Nervous System and Crystal Core and is offered to you over a period of 3 hours, once a week by the Archangels and Holy Mother.

Angelic Healing

Angelic Healing balances the energy body and nurtures one's Soul. This is a healing that will occur simultaneously with all others, once a week, and be offered to you by the Angels.

Generational Healing

This form of healing cleanses, dissolves and lifts fears from the cells of the body, your Soul, mind, and Spirit. It is received every 2 weeks, simultaneously, as you receive the healing infusions and offered to you by the Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Ones.

Deep Healing

This is a healing you will receive every 2 weeks. It balances your brain, and purifies the source of discomfort, pain in the physical body and your energy field. This is offered to you by the Enlightened Healers.

On completion of the 12 weeks divine assistance, if you have found improvement or benefit, you may contact us and Join the 12 months Divine University Membership. We highly recommend it as it has powerful benefits.

Who is Eligible for to Register for The Divine University's 12 Week Free Divine Assistance Program?

Everyone can join. It’s free! So why not let all your friends and family know. You can send them this link or ask their permission and sign them up as your gift. It can benefit everyone and it is easy, as it is effortless. 
It is available to every person all over the world for a period of 12 weeks. It is not restricted by language or belief, as long as each person gives permission to receiving divine energy as they sleep.
It is available to people of all ages, including children. It can help people with sleeping problems. It has no negative side effects as it is spiritual food that is offered in the form of love and light frequencies and is purely non-physical.
There are no adverse reactions, through registering for the Divine Assistance Program and combining it with any of your medications, diet, activities or attitudes. All of the assistance you will receive will take place when you are asleep.
Sometimes your dreams may become richer, more vivid, or you may become aware of yourself processing your deeper fears, or processing your emotions or relationships through your dreams. This is simply a sign that you are processing on a soul level, your experiences and memories.
The Divine Assistance Program is not offered as a cure to any illness or to curing the source of your stress, emotional issues, worries or fears, but it will help all levels of your recovery, energetic balance, strength of life force, self-transformation and bring alleviation, relief and comfort to you.

Can I Receive the Divine University's Divine Assistance Program for Longer than 12 Weeks?

You may register for the 12 WEEK PROGRAM OF FREE DIVINE ASSISTANCE, once in every 6 month period [Please allow a 12 week gap between each registration]. It is important you register under your true name and home address so the Angels can locate you.

Register For 12 Weeks of Healing/Divine Assistance


To Register for this Healing/Divine Assistance, you need to firstly become a Heart Portal member. Be sure you are logged in, and then return to this page and fill out the registration form on this page to receive Healing/Divine Assistance.

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