Medical Disclaimer for Q-Light Channel - 9 Month Subscription

Q-Light Channel Subscriptions are not a substitute for medical treatment or therapy, if you have a serious health issue or mental imbalance, please see a Doctor or other appropriate Health Care Professionals. You may utilise complementary healing as one part of your complete Health Care Program.

Q-Light Channel is offered as part of Qala Sri’ama Phoenix’s practice as a Spiritual Teacher of the Sirius Library and is not to be taken as a replacement for medical advice, medical treatment or therapy, but as a form of spiritual support.

It is Qala’s personal experience that Quantum Energy does uplift, support, accelerate and promote healing, however, Q-Light Channel Membership is offered as an upliftment, and not as a solution to physical or mental health issues.

In no event can Qala Sri’ama Phoenix, The Sirius Library or The Divine University be liable, directly or indirectly, for damages resulting from the information or data provided, or for the loss of profits through the use or misuse of said information and data, either via its use, through Membership of the Sirius Library, or through negligence or any other actions.


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