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Join the Heart Portal!

A Heart Portal of Divine Connection to Source,
Mother Earth & Spiritual Community

Illuminate your Light, Share your Love, Attune & Align to your Life Purpose

Receive Divine Energy, Enlightened Blessings, Wisdom & Grace
in service to Raising the Collective Consciousness on Earth


Divine Connection

Divine Connection

Bathe in universal love
& transcend desire.
Attune to your heart
& contact your source nature.
Illuminate & raise in vibration.
Receive authentic clear teachings.
Be blessed to live with higher purpose
and greater meaning in your life.

Authentic Clear Teachings

Sri'ama Qala Phoenix

Blessed Heart, We welcome you to the DIVINE UNIVERSITY HEART PORTAL.

You will be infused with a higher energy each time you connect to this site, and be supported to negotiate your way to build a higher quality of life, where your life purpose, and heart connection leads the way. Join in sacred community with us, and experience greater connection to the Light within, God-Source, Mother Earth and all beings.

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Every word, audio, image and gift received through this site is embedded with higher light frequency & love visitations & dispensations from Angels, Archangels & Enlightened Ones – meditations, journeys, teachings which infuse Love & light through your chakras & energy body. You will be placed in chambers of love light & offered divine grace in a way which you may not have been aware is available to you before.