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Who are The Enlightened Ones

The Enlightened Ones, is a simple term that honours and expresses Qala's love for this large team or council of Enlightened Masters who have aided her and many others, to bring through greater love, wisdom and support for humanity and the earth, directly from the spiritual realms. The Enlightened Ones are a council of 96 Enlightened/Inner Plane Masters who overlight the Divine University Group Mission and Qala Sri'ama Phoenix's teaching programs and trainings. 

Some of The Enlightened Masters are more well known to individuals on their spiritual path as they have incarnated as prophets or saints or living masters and there is a historical record of their physical incarnation on earth. Many of these Enlightened Presences are not known however, through a physical incarnation, and are only able to be known on the spiritual planes (on the inner) via meditation or soul journeys into the higher dimensional light planes. 

In the mid 1990's, Qala Sri'ama Phoenix was a student at university and had a profound experience of divine intervention, where the Masters appeared before her, stating that her soul was a Spiritual Teacher from the Divine University, and that the veils between spirit and the material plane were now severed for her, to allow them to train her to fulfil her destiny to ground the new education on Earth.

She received the Enlightened Masters, Archangels and Angel's visitations each day after this, and through the love, wisdom and this continuing contact, she was prepared over a two year period to enter a higher state of consciousness known as Presence, and to teach the new education of the Divine University of Light. In 1999, she began her teaching work with The Enlightened Masters, each day meeting many beautiful people and supporting their shifts in energy and consciousness. Sixteen years later, with her student body expanded through 20 countries, she has embodied her Divine Presence, and is now beginning the group mission of training people worldwide, with other teachers, via The Sirius Library. 

Qala's principal, daily contact, is with the Enlightened Ones. These 96 Masters or "Group Consciousness" Presences, overlight Humanity's evolutionary path of awakening to the Source within and their true nature as Divine Beings, and in becoming peacemakers and loving and caring, responsible caretakers of the earth. As the Sirius Library is a Web Portal for Connection with your Higher Self and Divine Presence and your Spiritual Guides, the webportal serves as a A LIGHT PORTAL TO THE ENLIGHTENED REALMS and the many teams of divine assistance, made up of Angels and Archangels. The web portal is designed to energetically infuse divine energy to you as you make contact with it.

The large team of Ascended and Enlightened Presences who work directly with Qala and the mentors/teachers of the Divine University, will begin to make greater contact with you via the Heart Portal. In real time, as you enter the site and enter your Membership page within the internal area of the webportal, your Guides within the Spiritual Planes are contacted by the Angels and Archangels who serve the Heart Portal to open, and blessings and dispensations are brought to you at this time. This will create the energy around your space, as you connect via your computer, to sometimes change and raise in energy vibration, rather quickly.


  • The 12 Archangels  - Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Tzadkiel, Archangel Sandalphon, Archangel Azrael, Archangel Selaphiel, Archangel Remiel, Archangel Haniel. The first 7 Archangels are the 7 Archangels who overlight the Earth.

  • The Council of Enlightenment for Humanity - Holy Mother, Holy Father, The Divine Presences of Humanity

  • The Council of Shambhala  - Buddha, Maitreya, Christ/Sananda, Kuthumi, Babaji, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Tara, Nada, Portia, St Germaine, El Morya, Djwhal Khul, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, Liberty and Hilarion

  • The Council of The Great Central Sun  - Archangel Metatron, Mahatma, Lenduce, Vywamus, Sanat Kumara, Venus Kumara, Allah Gobi, Melchizedek, Lanto, Pallas Athena, Helios and Vesta

  • The Council of Inner Earth  - Mother Gaia, Yamala, The Ancient Ones, Sons and Daughters of the One, The Caretaker Guardians, The Sacred Hoop of Earth and Star Elders, The Inner Earth Temple Workers/Portal Keepers, Ancestral Guardians of the Earth  

  • The Council of Ancient Star Guardians - Thoth, Ma'at, Ra, Isis (Eset), Osiris, Horus, Anubis, The Hathors, 

  • The Council of Celestial Guardians - The Illumined Ones, The Radiant Ones, The Elder Guardians, The Angelic Light League, The Archangelic Light League, The Galactic Federation, and The Celestial Guardians

  • The Council of Sirius  - Sirius, Arcturus, Venus Star, Ashtar, Mara, Sara, Chiron

  • The Council of Elohim and Eloha -  24 Members including Elohim Grace and Elohim Faith



With all of my love, I call for The Heart Portal to open within and around me now. I invoke the Holy Presence of God-Source and the Enlightened blessings and love of the Enlightened Ones, to fill my heart and being with unconditional love and pure light, to awaken and bless my spiritual path, my heart opening, and the alignment of my life path to my higher life purpose and my divine service to Mother Earth and all beings.

I call on the 7 Archangels of the Earth - Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel, Jophiel and Tzadkiel, to open the 7 directions of my sacred space now. I call on the Council of Shambhala - Maitreya, El Moyra, Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul, Quan Yin, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, St Germaine, Portia, Mary, Nada, Tara, Liberty, Hilarion, Babaji, Buddha and Christ/Sananda, to anchor a DIVINE CHAMBER OF LOVE AND ONENESS around me, and bring the divine blessings of GRACE to my home, to all who live with me, and to my heart, to the very core of my being and my whole energy body. May these blessings activate 1000 fold in energy, and radiate out through my whole community.

I accept the grace, love and divine wisdom of my Higher Self and Divine Presence, and ask for the activation of my light and true divine essence. I accept these blessings with love, and offer to ground these blessings through my heart to ground myself more deeply as a peacemaker on earth, living in my open heart with forgiveness and compassion for all others.

I call in the Ancient Star Guardians, Inner Earth Guardians, Celestial Guardians, in the presence of the Holy Mother, to activate my inner light and open and ground my divine connection on Earth. I invoke the presence of all councils of the Enlightened Ones, to bring the blessings and dispensations to me over the next 14 days of my life. I invite these blessings to fill my energy body at 7am and 9pm every morning and evening, for the next 14 days. I give thanks for these blessings. I ask for this to be sealed with the Love and Light of my Divine Presence, every day, until this is complete. 

Bathe me in the love, light and holy flames of compassion, love, forgiveness, joy and abundance so I may walk my life path with an open heart and in oneness with my higher life purpose. Blessed Be, Blessed Be all Beings, Blessed Be the Earth!