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The Sirius Library Project 

The Sirius Library Project is a not for profit organisation and all team members are paid volunteers of the Project. 

The Sirius Library mission statement can be found in its Arcticle of Associations: 


Through the spiritual principles of love, wisdom, divinity, faith, service and communion, 

the Sirius Library Project promotes universal wisdom teachings 

for the advance of humanity's consciousness, divine connection, 

spiritual development, and higher purpose in service to Earth and all beings.

The Sirius Library Project provides free membership to its library of wisdom teachings 

and invites members to become students of its new educational programs.

The Sirius Library Project facilitates worldwide meditations and world service projects, 

in service towards the creation of greater balance between humanity and Mother Earth.

The Sirius Library Project inspires members and students to develop their divine connection, heart energy,

consciousness, and to fulfil their higher life purpose to benefit the creation of greater balance and peace on earth. 


The Sirius Library Mission's first step is to create a beautiful free service to its members, based on unconditional love. Presently we are a very small team, although growing in heart energy and blessings, every day. There are some very beautiful souls on our creation team, infusing their blessings and love into all of our creations as we launch the Sirius Library Membership through the open heart of Giving.

Meet our Big Hearted Team Members

Rapheah, Anjeena and De are each working behind the scenes, bringing the free membership services and emails to you as our baby launch for Membership in 2015, takes place.

Each of these heart members have big hearts and go beyond themselves to offer you the highest quality blessings and support services.  

Website Development & Design

The amazing Website and all is design elements are created by Anjeena/Ruth Caplin of HappyandFreeStudios of Hawaii. We are so blessed by Anjeena's heart energy, visionary gifts, guidance and broad design and development skills supporting our group mission. We hope you fall in love with the webportal as much as we do, as we continue to build and expand it through working through our hearts.   

Graphic Image & Design

The high frequency codes, sacred images and Graphic Design on the web site are created by Demetri Condos of Fox Rose Graphics of Rosebank, Australia

The designs have been commissioned by The Sirius Library Project for the sacred purpose of building this Heart Portal on the worldwide web. We are so blessed with De's creative heart energy and visionary gifts towards creating high frequency artworks which transmit higher consciousness. We hope you enjoy the divine blessings these images offer you. 

Communications & Design

The emails, newsletters and all communications from the Sirius Library Project to its members, are created by Rapheah Sheehan of Byron Bay, Australia. We are so blessed with Rapheah's heart energy and gifts of communication, guidance, campaign design and organisational management, supporting our group mission. We hope you enjoy receiving the regular messages her gifts deliver to all members.


COPYRIGHT - Please respect that all on the website is protected by copyright. All sacred images, audios, documents and text blocks are copyrighted and not available for use by any persons, for any reasons, without permission.