Leave Your Legacy

We Invite You to Give Back to Mother Earth

Gifting our Mother Earth and The Mamos with the purchase of a Sacred Site to be returned into their care may be the most beautiful Legacy you can leave as your special trace of being Human here on Earth...

Leaving a Legacy from your life in the form of a large donation of $10,000 or more, shall not only benefit our Mother Earth and the Mamos to continue their specialized work as Protectors of the Whole Earth, but it will also balance your and your family's relationship with the Earth for generations to come.

One great deed can balance many deeds and create great balance with Mother Gaia.

Mother Earth is calling on all of us to give back

Giving back one of the sacred sites on the Black Line to the Original Caretakers, the MAMOS

Give Back to Mother Earth
Leave Your Legacy

Leave Your Legacy

a Sacred Site for the Guardians

Our aim is to raise 2.2 million US dollars for the purchase of 600 hectares of sacred land - one of the primary sacred sites on the THE BLACK LINE of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, as the first parcel of land to be purchased by The Great Balance.

Once purchased, this land will be given back to its original caretakers - the Mamos of the Arhuaco people - so it can be restored, and held in preservation according to Mother Earth's laws for many thousands of years ahead, as a sacred site holding the Great Balance on Earth.

As you Give you shall Receive!


Help Buy Back One of the Sacred Sites

on the THE BLACK LINE of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta for the MAMOS

Sponsor the Mamos Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites

To repair and regenerate the Sacred Sites

Support the Education of New Mamos

Future caretakers of Mother Earth

Help Give One Million More Trees

Help reforest the sacred sites and lands of the Heart of the World

Give back toMother Earth

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