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9th WEBINAR: SUNDAY, JUNE 21st, 2020 - at 6pm BOGOTA, COLUMBIA Time (COT Time Zone)

"The Celebration of the Summer Solstice 2020 - The Solstice is the time of the Eternal Present in the culture of the Mamos and evokes the divine gesture of the Creation."

The Mamos ask all participants to bring the following items to the webinar:

  • A Blue Candle - Blue represents the union with the Cosmos, with the Mamos in the Heart of the World and with Humanity

9th WEBINAR: SUNDAY, JUNE 21st, 2020 - at 6pm BOGOTA, COLUMBIA Time (COT Time Zone)

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A Sacred Request for Giving Back to the Mother

Donations for the Mamos' Projects are so gratefully received!

With immense love and joy we deeply give thanks to the Mamos for sharing their invaluable and so unique gifts of healing and wisdom with us all, as well as all the sacred work they offer to restore the Balance on Earth for all Beings.

We also hold deep gratitude for each and every one of you who are sharing these sacred webinars and receiving this incredible wisdom and truth, to take into your being and assist you on your spiritual journey for yourself and your community.

As the Mamos live in pure service to Mother Earth, to their communities, to the Sacred Sites on the Black Line, they do not have a direct income to provide for their families. They have the land they live on simply. Yet as soon as they are to travel, come together to offer Pagamentos and Ceremonies for the Balancing of the Sacred Sites, or to offer these amazing Webinars to us all, there is a need for financial support.

The Great Balance and The Divine University and the Sagas in these organisations have provided much of this, through donations received via fundraising and through personal financial contributions. We now humbly ask you to join us in this.

Would you be willing to generously, from your heart guidance, donate what you can for receiving these webinars, or even simply as a gesture of honouring the sacred work the Mamos continuously offer to the Earth and the world. Any donations you are able offer are so welcome.


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September 2019 - June 2020
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Help Buy Back One of the Sacred Sites

on the THE BLACK LINE of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta for the MAMOS

Sponsor the Mamos Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites

To repair and regenerate the Sacred Sites

Support the Education of New Mamos

Future caretakers of Mother Earth

Help Give One Million More Trees

Help reforest the sacred sites and lands of the Heart of the World

Give back toMother Earth

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