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Becoming an Angel or Emissary of the Divine University is a very simple process that can begin by simply making contact with us and receiving further understanding of the Angel’s and Emissary’s service roles and benefits. From there, you can decide if it would be an enhancement of your own spiritual path and growth to become involved.

The Angels and Emissaries of the Divine University receive benefits that are specially created for them by the Enlightened Ones, and they receive an immense form of support on their spiritual path of service. They offer their time and service to the Divine University Mission via supporting, either an Education Project, World Service Project, The Divine University Healing, or Teaching Centres.

Our World Service Projects

The Divine University has 3 very special world service projects you may offer your service to, if you are guided to join us and become a member of the Divine University World Service Team.

New Education

Changing Lives & Opening Hearts

We are aiming to touch as many hearts as possible and to help our humanity awaken our inner light, love and power in the presence of all issues, obstacles or life challenges, in support of all who wish to open their hearts, live with positive energy and gratitude for life.

We are presently linking our hearts and minds in group consciousness and creating New Education for individuals and groups, and Mentor Sessions for Individuals. Our Teachers, the DU Mentors are an amazing group of people living in dedication and cooperation with the natural forces in life, which have a positive benefit and aid for humanity, our world and our present day issues.

The M.O.T.H.E.R Project

Giving Back to Mother Earth

The purpose of The M.O.T.H.E.R Project is to give back to The Mother Earth, some of what has been taken from her, in aid of balancing the karma of debt to our Mother Earth.  The Mother Project is focused on fundraising for the purchase of very important sacred areas of land - sacred sites of the Arhuaco Peoples, within the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, which provide a function of the caretakership of our planet.

Mother Earth has asked us to give our service towards aiding the Arhuaco Mamos of Colombia to restore, reclaim, recuperate, regenerate some of their sacred sites of the Black Line, so they may continue their important work as planetary caretakers of our Mother Earth, as the many generations of Mamos, the spiritual leaders, have done before them.

The Gateway Project

Building Planetary Gateways of Light

This project supports the great Balance of all Life on Earth, through building Planetary Gateways of Light on each continent of the earth and empowering people's prayers, healing and meditations, long distance, through the frequency of each Gateway.

Each Gateway is being built in co-operation with all Emissaries of Light, Spiritual Mothers and Spiritual Fathers, Enlightened Masters, Devic, Elemental and Nature Spirit Guardians, the Ancient Ones, the Guardians and Elders of the Earth and our beloved Mother Earth in accordance to the Divine Plan for Earth.

Join Us in World Service

Please also let us know in the Message area:

  1. Your phone (including any international calling numbers), Town and Country.
  2. What kind of service are you interested in? Or are you open to helping in any way that is needed?
  3. How much free time do you have to offer service, each week or fortnight?
  4. What skills do you have that would help the Divine University mission?
  5. What has been your Work or Service Work until now?
  6. Have you trained with Qala or any of the Mentors/Teachers of the Divine University – please specify any trainings you have done?
  7. Any Questions you might have for us.

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