Give Back to the Mother

Mother Earth is calling on all of us to give back

The Mother Project welcomes you with all our heart to generously

Give Back to our Mother Earth

via any of our projects and together we help

the Mamos in their work to restore the balance on Earth

Campaign Donation

You may help The Mother Project and donate into any of the 4 Campaigns that touch your heart

Leave a Legacy

You may Leave a Legacy and give a large donation to help give back a sacred site to the Earth and the Mamos

Become an Emissary

You may Become an Emissary and help the Mamos share their Wisdom and Love with as many as possible

Join the Arhuaco Mamos from


in 9 "NEW MOON" Webinars

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Join the Mamos in their Live Webinars to learn more about their Wisdom, their Way of Life, and how you can support their constant work for Mother Earth


Help Buy Back a Sacred Site

Make it a part of Your Family's Legacy - Help Buy back a Sacred Site  (Every little bit helps). Our aim is to raise between 1.5 to 2 million US dollars for the purchase of land - one of the sacred sites along THE BLACK LINE of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Sponsor the Mamos Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites

Your donation will pay for their food and hire of a vehicle so they may do the important repair and regeneration work of the sacred sites. 

Support the Education of New Mamos

Make payments towards the travel, and expenses of young children who will become Mamos - future protectors and caretakers of Mother Earth.

Help Give One Million More Trees

Help Reforest the sacred sites and lands of the Heart of the World

The Great Balance Incorporated is a Public Charity, exempt from U.S. Federal Income Tax and therefore is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts.

Only U.S. donors may deduct contributions they make to The Great Balance Incorporated, under IRC Section 170.

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