Gateway Seed Project

Seeding the 3 Universal Gateways' Hearts with supercharged Seed Elements of Nature from all of the world with Prayers, Codes and Pagamentos

Our service to the GATEWAY PROJECT

Divine Vessels or Time Capsules, containing natural Seed Elements from many countries, locations, portals around the Earth, activated in special sacred ceremonies, will be seeded in the Centre of each of the 3 Universal Gateways of the Divine University in Australia, Mexico and Italy. These Seed Elements will be activated and supercharged in 3 New Moon Ceremonies, then they will be wrapped and stored in a special way, to prepare them in the highest way for the Divine Time Vessels.

Arhuaco Mamos of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia, Members of the Great Balance organisation in the USA, Citizens of Damanhur communities in Italy where the new European Gateway will be seeded, and Sagas and Mentors of the Divine University already have collected natural Seed Elements in trinity from Mother Nature in their area.
We would be so honoured and blessed to welcome you to join us in Service to the Gateway Seed Project by:
  • Collecting your Seed Element in trinity in your local natural area.
  • Registering your Seed Element via the Registration form at the bottom of this page.
  • Preparing and Storing your Seed Element in sacred silk wrapping.
  • Activating your Seed Element in three Sacred New Moon Ceremonies with us.
  • Mailing your Seed Element to be buried in the Divine Time Vessels in the Heart of each of the Universal Gateways.

The Gateway Project Map

  • The 3 purple big dots represent the 3 Universal Gateways. The Divine University U has the mission to build one Gateway on each continent. Each Universal Gateway is a 20 year project with the Light Teams, built with a specific design of crystal, codes, unamus and with a lot of prayer, sacred sound and sacred ceremony.
  • Secondary Gateways in each country can be linked to the Universal Gateways in each continent, though the primary focus of the Divine University is the Universal Gateways.
  • The European Gateway in Damanhur Italy (not yet named) is seeding with the 1st Divine Time Vessel and a number of Unamus ( the number and designs still to be received ).
  • The Eloha Gateway in Mexico, seeded a couple of years ago, holds 9 Unamus in its centre with approx 15-20 tonne of selenite crystal.
  • The Elohim Gateway in Australia holds about 77 Unamus presently in big circles with approx 15-20 tonne of selenite crystal and other large crystals.
  • The black dots represent many Unamus buried throughout the major Leylines & Rocky Mountains of the USA, that link through Mexico and South America - from Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and then into Mexico, Chihuahua, and into heart of Mexico, not far from Tepoztlan, then into Yucatan, into Eloha Gateway near Barclar, then to the Sierra Nevada, to Peru, and to Patagonia in Argentina.
  • The white lines represent the connection of the gateways and Unamus buried in the earth, after the Burial in June in Damanhur.
  • From looking at the map you can see the work of Unamus and Gateways within Mother Earth.

Becoming a Supporter of the Universal Gateways

We welcome you to join us in the Gateway Seed Project as a Supporter of the Universal Gateways, and collect a trinity of natural Seed Elements in your local area, as described in more detail in the Gateway Seed Project.pdf, to activate in Sacred Ceremony with us. If you are guided to collect, register, and activate Seed Elements with us, please download this document and read carefully.

Preparing and storing the Sacred Seed Elements - In order for your Seed Elements to be a part of the creation of the Time Vessels and be buried in each of the 3 Universal Gateways, it is essential for them to be activated 3 times in Sacred Ceremony, and wrapped and kept safe, separated by silk to maintain their frequency charge, and held together by another silk to maintain their unity.

The Super Charge the Seed Elements pdf gives detailed information about the process of Preparing and Storing the Seed Elements. Please read all information carefully. 

Registering your Seed Elements - It is essential that you register your Seed Element, if you are collecting and activating Seed Elements for the purpose of being buried in the Divine Time Vessels in the Gateways. We will keep a record of your name, location, the Seed Elements you are activating and super charging to submit for the Divine Time Vessels, and the location where these elements were collected. The Registration Form is at the bottom of this page.

Mailing your Seed Elements
- Once all Activations are complete, you will be given an address where to mail your Seed Elements.


You are invited to join 3 New Moon Ceremonies in World Wide Link up with Members of the Divine University and the Mamos of the Sierra Nevada, to activate the Seed Elements in the highest way, together in group consciousness. 

In the New Moon Ceremonies you will be guided how to activate the Seed Elements in the most powerful way. In these Link Ups you will receive:

  • A special blessing from the Divine University founder and members
  • An Activation Ceremony of the Seed Elements to be included in the Time Vessels in the first hour of the link up
  • A special blessing and teaching from the Mamos, live from the Sierra Nevada in the second hour of the link up
Unable to attend the New Moon Link Up Live?
If you are unable to attend one of the New Moon Ceremonies during the Live Link Ups, you will be able to receive the recording to do the activation in your own time. This will have to be done as close to the New Moon as possible, as this is the most powerful time for the activation of the seeds. 

The NEW MOON ACTIVATION CEREMONIES  in World Wide Link up will be held on: 

Thursday 7 March 6 - 8 am Sierra/Bogota 
Friday 5 April from 6 - 8 am Sierra/Bogota 
Sunday 5 May from 6 - 8 am Sierra/Bogota 

For details about the New Moon Ceremony times in different time zones and Links to register for the Ceremonies, please download the GATEWAY SEED PROJECT pdf - See Above!
We give thanks to each one of you, and to the Primary Forces of the Field of Life! Thank you so much for your sacred work!

Register for the Gateway Seed Project

Each Seed Element Trinity is only entered once. Option 2 and 3 are for a potential 2nd or 3rd Trinity of Seed Elements. Thank you so much!

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