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Master Your Mind

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3 Month Training Program - 15 hrs Video, Audio, & Transcripts Package

Learn how you can Master your Life through having complete clarity in your mind.

Excerpt from the Introduction to Master Your Mind video presentation:

"We begin this Sacred subject by understanding Universal Law. Universal Law governs all energy in the Universe... in your body, in your mind, in your life, in your relationships. It governs and moves the energy in alignment with the specific laws of the Universe.

In Master Mind you will be working practically with the Universal Laws... resolving practical issues in your life... for this is what clears your mind. Your mind will become like a beautiful jewel of light. I want you to imagine having a mind that shines the light... your truth... the beauty of who you are to the world... and consider this is the little Genie that lives inside of you... the little genius... and when you have activated that Master Mind vibration within your mind, you can move forward with your Higher Life Purpose, with that little Genie inside of you, helping you.

So this is a wonderful thing... and these teachings that come forth in a series of beautiful video presentations and PDF’s of information that gives you simple processes to work with weekly, are guided by the Enlightened Masters... and these beautiful Source Teachings that come through in a very simple way, dynamic way, that you can follow with your mind will really help you.

So we begin understanding firstly about our mind... and what creates our mind to either enjoy life, or separate from that which is all around you. This issue that so many experience through their mind of being alone, or being in a space where your mind is unable to know what is truly the best thing for you. And all of these questions and all of these wonderful journeys you are on, where you may not find you have the answers in the moment... all of this can change dynamically when you Master the mind energy. This is the process of mastering the energy of your mind... the energy that flows through it... to awaken the light inside powerfully, which is that Genie that I’m talking about, that genius inside."

3 Month Training Program - 15 hrs Video, Audio, & Transcripts Package

Listen to a short audio sample from Master Your Mind program.

Watch the Introduction to Master Your Mind program video with Qala Sri'ama to learn more about this amazing new training program.


Product Contents: 

14 hrs 59 mins Video, Audio, & Transcripts Package, which includes: 9 Video Files, 10 mp3 Audio Files, and 10 Transcripts.


You can access the mp3 audio downloads in your My Audios Download section on your My Library page, and it is also available in the My Programs section on your My Library page.  The Video Lessons are available for viewing online on the Master Your Mind program available via your My Programs section on your My Library page. You need to log into the website, to access your Membership section.  You will also receive audio download links on your Order receipt. 

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