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Women's Empowerment Toolkit

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1 Day Training Program - 7 Hours Audio Package

Every woman has the potential to know themselves truly and be happy with themselves, their lives and their reality but this does require for a woman to SEE Herself. They simply need to be aware of the Woman's Toolkit they carry within their being and initiate it's use in their daily lives.  Accessing the Power you are given as a Woman by Mother Earth and Great Spirit, is easy when you understand what you carry as a woman. Everything you need is already within you, all you need to do is access it and others see you as The Empowered Woman.

Why do we choose to incarnate as a woman and not as a man? The secrets of womanhood and why we are here, what we carry as different to men is important to understand if we are to see ourselves in the empowerment we chose to be Women.

The Womb as a sacred vessel for not only birth of a child, but for the birth of our Womanhood. The womb and Sacral and Hara chakras can be weakened by the way we express ourselves or can be strengthened by using the tools we have been given.

These tools that all woman carry, are received and built during the 3 primary Initiations we enter as Women. All women are in one of the three Initiations of Womanhood. What is your present initiation as a Woman?

  • The First Initiation is the Initiation of Trust – Initiation of the Maiden where we entrust ourselves to another in relationship. We have an inner tool kit for this initiation and during these sessions, we will initiate it to be accessed.
  • The Second Initiation is the Initiation of Love and Motherhood, and this initiation does not require us to have children, for all women can be mothers in energy, with or without birthing children. It is the flowering of our Mother nature, which links us more deeply with Mother Earth. We also hold an inner tool kit for this initiation and during these sessions we will initiate it so it can be accessed.
  • The Third Initiation is the Initiation of Wisdom or Grandmother-hood or Feminine Eldership – again it is not required to have grandchildren for this initiation, but as we age we become a Feminine Elder. We have an inner tool kit for this initiation and during these sessions we will initiate it, so it can be accessed.

Our womanhood is strengthened when we see ourselves as the Maiden, Mother and Grandmother through the stages of our age, growing and our soul’s maturing. Over these sessions, Qala will open your toolkit as a woman, as the Enlightened Ones initiate each level of THE EMPOWERED WOMAN'S TOOLKIT and guide you to understand how you use it. Theses sessions will reveal a bigger picture of who you are as a Woman, and allow you to SEE yourself in a new way. Understanding other women will assist you to truly deepen your relationships in The Sisterhood of Life. These sessions focus on understanding the 3 initiations all women experience, and the tools we have to achieve the three biggest focuses in all women's live – nurturing to create happy relationships, the flowering of our mother nature and connection with the Mother Earth as mothers-of-life, and the development of our feminine eldership roles in our community and family and world. As Empowered Women, we have the new role of balancers and leaders in our world. The Woman's Toolkit is something every woman carries within herself, as this is not the first time her Soul has entered womanhood. Accessing your inner tools to move through these 3 initiations in life is easy, when you understand the nature of the 3 Initiations all women share, and you honor the power, love, and beauty, you carry as a Woman. Learn to fully embrace your path as a Woman so you may be empowered through your present initiation as a Woman. Receive blessings and dispensations from the Universal Realms for your initiations. Receive Higher Light Frequency, being held in a Higher Vibrational Space and feeling blessed to remember the Wisdom that lay inside of you, inside of all Women. These are the audio recordings of a live event presented by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix in NY, USA on 21 August 2016.

1 day training program - 7 hours package

Listen to a short sample audio from the Women's Empowerment Toolkit 7 hours audio program.

Product Contents:

1 PDF Session Document and 5 mp3 Audio Files (408 minutes - 6 hours 48 minutes)


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