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Master Meditation – Open your Divine Connection

$ AUD650.00 each


3 month Training Program - 10 Class Video Package

A series of 10 Meditation Classes with Qala Sri'ama.  After 15 years of Teaching Meditations with the Enlightened Masters, Qala Sri'ama has developed the most powerful 7 Master Meditations into a Series, to teach everyone about how they can Advance and Develop 7 Levels of Divine Connection and Spiritual Development very quickly when they MEDITATE with the MASTER WITHIN.   MASTER MEDITATION creates contact with the Master Within your own Being, known as your Divine Presence.  The more people on the Earth meeting their Divine Presence, the higher the Collective Consciousness of Humanity will raise to become Clear Caretakers of our Earth!   This is a great shortcut system which Qala Sri'ama highly recommends to all on the Spiritual Path.

You can access the mp3 audio downloads in your My Audios Download section on your My Library page, and it is also available in the My Programs section on your My Library page.  You need to log into the website, to access your Membership section.  You will also receive audio download links on your Order receipt. 

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