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Love, Light and Power Activation of Your Chakras

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3 Master Activations and Sessions - 6 Hours Audio & Transcripts Package
  • Lighting Up Your Life and World with your Soul - Fully switching your Light On and Awakening Your Soul on all levels of your Being.  The Light inside every Human Being has the power to change their circumstances, experience and awareness. It is a single Switch, which carries the Divine Connection for a Soul to their own Personal Power and Love for life. Without this Switch fully activated, a Soul can live on the Earth partially or fully shutdown, feeling sensitive or depressed, sometimes very lost, alone or unloved, afraid of stepping forward and fulfilling their heart’s dreams, soul purpose or simply just doubtful of oneself. In these sessions Sri’ama Qala and the Enlightened Ones offer you the re-ignition or full activation of your Light Switch within each Chakra of your body and bring forth to you the wisdom and support so you may accept the full power of your Light in your life. You will hear how this Inner Switch, can turn a persons life around from hard difficult circumstances, and from a place of deep suffering to deep healing and oneness. In this teaching and healing, you will also hear how the human Soul’s Inner Light, when activated, is the path to guiding oneself to Home to one’s heart, and key to opening one’s heart and experiencing true happiness on Earth. This teaching and healing will illuminate all of your Chakras to open and receive the Full Activation of the Light Within them and bring a renewal to your being. It will also bring you a new awareness of how to live your life as a “switched on” Light Being.  
  • Sharing your Love – Deepening your Love Expression in Life - Switching on your Love for Life. Love is a Divine Energy that is present in every Soul’s heart. It softens, deepens, and unites a Soul with other Souls and makes life worth living. One of the main issues, our modern society has is a lack of Soul Connection and therefore a lack of love as an experience. In the busy life of the modern world, our focus is often more deeply on what we have to achieve in the day that we are often hurried and live at a faster pace, that is not supporting the love we hold to be expressed. So often, love is held back and not shared simply due to a lack of knowing how, of it being the wrong time, others not receiving, or fear. Our families are wishing to become whole and only love will unite all together in harmony. Our hearts hold all of our answers and the amount of love we have is more than enough to balance our world and create world peace and full harmony in all of our relationships. The key is that we need to be able to slow down and deepen our Soul Connection to ourselves, then to others to be able to share the love deeply. It is our inner yearning to have this experience in our lives, but where do we start, how do we truly live in the open heart. Sri’ama Qala share’s about the Path of the Heart, the trials and tribulations that can be met, and how to utilise trials and tribulations, challenges to deepen your love and its expression. How to witness great things occur through the Power of Love and accepting that you do have the love inside of you and the strength to draw on it to meet everything in your life and everyone with this sharing of love. That this love can be received more deeply through some simple focuses. In these sessions Sri’ama Qala and the Enlightened Ones offer you a Reactivation of the Flame of Love within each Chakra of your body. You will receive an opening in every cell of their body, so that the physical body of your Soul can open to receive love deeply and love can materialise in their life. Often when we have been deeply hurt in this life or other lives, we close down our Inner Love Switch, and this blocks the expression of our love or filters it. You will receive volumes of Divine Energy specifically for the balancing of your heart chemistry and for the re-fueling of your Soul for your Path of Love in life.
  • Awakening the True Nature of your Personal Power for the greater good of yourself and all beings - Switching on Your Personal Power and Energy for Life. Universal Energy, Light and Love as many of you know, offers the most powerful healing that is possible. This is God’s Essence and it is a Universal substance that lives within all of creation including every living thing on Earth. Your own body is created from this substance, and although the mind often forgets this as it witnesses the physical world, the truth is “ Spirit” is the source of “all we have” and “all we are” and “all we will co-create” in our lives.  Our relationship with Spirit is also known as our Personal Power. The question Sri’ama Qala asks of you is: Is your relationship with Spirit healthy enough for you to feel unbound, and open to the Mystery of Life? Or do you feel that your life is already mapped out for you and you have no choice in life? Or do you feel somewhere between the two realities. In these sessions Sri’ama Qala will share truths about the nature of our Personal Power, our choices in life, our Universal Connection, our Free Will and Divine Will, the Laws of Nature and how through one’s Spiritual Journey, a Soul can reclaim their Personal Power in life so they may live in openness, freedom and oneness with the Mystery.  In these sessions you will receive a Reactivation of the Inner Flame of Power/Creation within each of your Chakras to support you on this journey.  A deep healing will take place for all of humanity through these Sacred Sessions and for each person who receives this, a new doorway will open in their lives to support them to access their Personal Power and true relationship with Spirit. 

These are the audio recordings of a live event presented by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix in NY, USA on 7 - 9 October 2009.

3 Master Activations and Sessions - 6 Hours Audio & Transcripts Package

Listen to a short sample audio from the Love, Light & Power Activation of Your Chakras 6 hours audio & transcripts package.

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