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Golden Relationships

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1 Day Training Program - 6 Hours Audio Package

Qala Sri’ama presents these 4 sessions to offer you the inspiration and awareness of the approach you need to make, to be able to create your relationships to last in times of struggle, energetic separation or heart disconnection. A Golden Relationship is a relationship between two Souls that holds a higher level of commitment, to love and forgive another being, than the level of love and forgiveness you hold for yourself. Through your Golden Relationship with another Soul, and your continuing choice to love and forgive another beyond yourself, you are able to balance the karma of your own Soul and birth your Heart wide open, beyond your own expectations. These 4 sessions offer you keys of how not to allow negative energies to create a permanent separation between you and someone you love. It does not offer you the keys of how to build a Divine Relationship fully, as this cannot be received in only 4 sessions, but it does offer you the Master Keys of how not to destroy or damage your relationship so it can last through times of struggle and not complete in separation. These sessions will offer you the ability to know how to not make irreversible decisions which may break up your relationships or create separations or deep hurts that seem impossible to alter, or heal, or resolve at a later date. It will give you the awareness of the most important things to not do, so your relationship can be everlasting through times of deep struggle. These are the audio recordings of a live event presented by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix in NY, USA on 29 August 2015.  (This was originally a Seminar offered in The Messenger Series)

Product Contents: 1 PDF Session Description Document titled: 


4 mp3 Audio Files titled (342 minutes - 5 hours and 42 minutes):



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