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$ AUD1,100.00 each The Energy Science of Your Universal Connection
8 Day Training Program - 35 hrs 49 mins audio package
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$ AUD650.00 each Master Your Mind
3 Month Training Program - 15 hrs Video, Audio, & Transcripts Package
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$ AUD360.00 each Experience Your Loving Presence - LEVELS 1, 2 & 3
3 Day Training Program - 15 hrs 48 mins audio package
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$ AUD250.00 each Activate Your Personal Quantum Shift - Parts 1 & 2
2 Day Training Program - 10 hrs 56 mins Audio Package
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$ AUD150.00 each Developing Your Clear Relationship With Your Soul's True Needs in Life
1 Day Training Program - 6 hrs audio package
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$ AUD27.00 each Balancing Personal and Family Karma
Divine Wisdom Teaching - 1.5 Hours Audio
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