Open Your Gaia Channel in Peru September 2018

Open Your Gaia Channel

A New Education Long Distance Program

created in Sacred Pilgrimage in Peru & Bolivia


Lelama Sjamar and Ama’Ya Ma Kumara
Holy Mother and Earth Mother Guardians

received in your home

from 21 September - 21 December 2018 
or from 21 December 2018 - 21 March 2019

Your Pathway for Earthing All of Your Love, Light and Power in All that You Do and All that You Are in Life

Our contact with Gaia can be so much more than what we see. She is our mother and she can change the energy of our body and teach us who we are, why we are here and open our gifts. Our channel to her is through our heart, lower chakras and 5 Power Gateways beneath our feet.

In PERU we will receive teachings, dispensations, frequencies in the sacred sites of Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Island of the Sun and Island of the Moon, to open our GAIA channel and establish the deepest level of connection we can make as human beings to THE GREAT MOTHER.

With this, we have the power to LOVE OUR BODIES and ENJOY our EARTHLY PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE, enhanced every day by our deeper contact with the GREAT MOTHER EARTH.
This is the medicine path all Women and Men who wish to open their Shaman Nature, begin with.

Are you Ready for Happiness? Your life experience here on Earth may radically change when your Gaia Channel opens

Open Your Gaia Channel Part 1
8-18 Sept

Open Your Gaia Channel Part 2
19-23 Sept

In CUSCO and MACHU PICCHU, your Gaia Channel, your earthly connection into our Great Mother Gaia may open via the opening of 12 sacred chakras and power vortexes between your Heart and the Heart of Gaia. You will receive divine frequencies long distance, as well as divine assistance from Holy Mother and the Guardians in the Portals infused into the teachings and recordings.

The frequencies in the sacred portal in ISLANDS OF THE SUN AND MOON IN LAKE TITICACA, assists you to reclaim a Soul Gift through your sacred ancestral connection with Mother Gaia and the balance of your feminine and masculine energies. Once your Gaia Channel is opened, this unique Soul Gift may return to you with ease, in service of the greater good of others and the Mother Earth.

The Open Your Gaia Channel Program is for you, if you

  • Are not yet happy, being on the Earth or in your physical body
  • Do not feel one with Mother Earth, as your heart is not yet fully earthed
  • Struggle between opening and closing your light connection
  • Have not yet fully earthed the spirtual connection you have opened to the heavens
  • Are called to earth your sacred work in the physical plane as well as you create it in the spiritual planes
  • Are experiencing delays in manifesting your higher intentions, or hesitation with grounding your work
  • Are guided to open to the mastery of your Higher Self and Divine Presence connection via a Self Mastery School of the Divine University

In this Long Distance Program you will receive

  • 14 days of audio recordings with teachings, dispensations, sound, light and love transmissions, activations, alignments     
  • Daily Infusions of Divine Frequencies from 8 – 23  September 2018 to prepare you to receive the program, long distance
  • Daily Pilgrimage Heart Messages from Lelama and Ama’Ya from 8 – 23 September 2018
  • Mentoring from Ama’Ya and Lelama during your chosen 3 months period
  • Assistance with understanding the Soul Gift you are reclaiming
  • Support Documents - Instructions Creating Your Earth Altar and Sacred Space - Your 12 Step Process through Mantra and Prayer
    and Sacred Practices

Our Sacred Journey

A PORTAL is a special power place or doorway where only the highest frequencies flow for specific purposes. Entering a portal with reverence and respect, with permission from the Guardians and Mother Earth, we may receive divine assistance for our intended purpose. 

As the Earth Guardians open the doorways of light for our pod, we may enter the sacred sites of Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, to engage in our spiritual work, release karmic blueprints, receive the highest dispensations available to purify our Gaia Channel, step by step, breath by breath, one of 12 chakras or power vortexes at a time, so we may walk in sacred oneness and balance on the earth. 

Cusco - Sacsayhuaman

Within the land in Cusco lays a spiritual doorway, through which we enter this sacred pilgrimage to open and initiate our Channel to Gaia. In this place we dedicate and commit our Heart, Mind and Will to the Heart of Gaia and purify our being, so we may surrender ourselves to the journey of opening our Gaia Channel.

Machu Picchu

In Machu Picchu the Earth Mother Guardians welcome us and assist us to open and purify our Gaia Channel. Within this ancestral transmission portal of the Divine Masculine, we harmonize and realign our feminine and masculine energies for the purpose of entering into unity consciousness with Mother Gaia.

Lake Titicaca - Isla del Sol

On the Islands of the Sun and the Moon in Lake Titicaca, a receptivity portal of the Divine Feminine, we will receive pure frequencies and dispensations of the Suns and Moons to initiate our Gaia Channel to the next level. Here we may reclaim our unique soul gift, created in previous incarnations, for our divine service on the earth.

Your Teachers

Ama'Ya's spiritual path of the giving heart, built through 20 years of divine service to the Enlightened Masters and portal system of our Mother Earth has woven into her her Divine Presence stream, which initiates a being into their next level of mastery. We invite you to open to your next level of potential and welcome you into our heart with all of our love.

Lelama’s innate shamanic nature and deeply developed connection with the Earth Mother and the Earth Mother Guardians facilitates the opening of the Portals and the assistance of the Ancient Ones, so every soul on this Sacred Journey will be guided to initiate the return to our true source and original power, whilst here on Earth, through opening our Earth Bridge and honouring our symbiotic relationship with Mother Gaia.

May your heart guide you on this deep journey with GAIA. May the support of the Holy Mother and the Earth Mother Guardians open your GAIA Channel and earth your ancient, wise nature as a being here on Earth.

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