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The 5 day residential retreat program offers a training that advances your healing gifts via learning to channel the Christ Light Healing Frequencies of Platinum Golden Liquid Light for the Healing of the Soul, Activation of the Soul's Light and Illumination of the Soul's divine energy. Receive the 3 Initiations of the Spiritual Healer from Christ so you may transmit 3 different octaves of Light Frequency & clearly switch levels of your healing channel for different purposes, easily. 

Become a Universal Healing Channel of Christ Light Consciousness


Christ reveals "The Healing Journey of the Soul" - How to help others or heal & enlighten your own Soul 

You are invited to join Qala Sri'ama Phoenix, International Spiritual Teacher, Sage and Author 

 Wednesday 3rd August - Monday 8th August, 2016

 Peaceful Mountain Retreat, Mt Baker, Washington USA

All will arrive at the retreat on the afternooon of Wednesday 3rd August, to begin the retreat Thursday morning.  

Our five day program will be offered on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. We will complete at 5pm, Monday 8th August.




This Retreat will be held in the Presence of Christ, Mother Mary and St Germaine

This year's Christ Healing Retreat Program promises to be an amazing retreat for healers and all interested in healing. During this Sacred Retreat, Christ will speak about the Art of Healing and transferral of God's Divine Light and Love and how healing manifests, and why it sometimes manifests and sometimes does not. Christ will bless, initiate and educate all present in the Art of Christ Healing for the Soul, and how every level of their energy body will be affected by Soul Healing. This retreat is for all on the Path of Healing who have not yet learnt how they can:

  • attune directly with the Soul, and give healing that is offering the greatest benefit and alignment to the Soul's true need for healing energy
  • work directly with the Soul's Divine Blueprint to reactivate or activate it through the energy body and physical body to strengthen their lifeforce energy, activate their inner light and improve their well being
  • work directly with concentrations of Platinum Golden Liquid Light, a highly concentrated source of healing energy specific for Soul healing


The 3 Initiations of Soul Healing

Christ offers the 3 SPIRITUAL INITIATIONS OF THE CHRIST HEALER to all who wish to HEAL, ACTIVATE and IllUMINATE their own energy or any other Soul's energy.

Each initiation grants a healer the light and empowerment to heal, activate or illuminate, as a Christ Light Healer/Channel.

You are invited by Christ, Mary and St Germaine to:

  • Become Initiated by Christ to Channel Platinum Golden Liquid LIght for the re-unfication of Soul Fragments sourced from emotional traumas, mental or physical disease.  Understand from Christ why Soul’s need healing, and how a soul can become fragmented from emotional traumas, mental or physical disease. This is known as the Healer's Initiation of Soul Healing.
  • Become Initiated by Christ to Channel Platinum Golden Liquid Light for the Healing of the Soul – as well as a Soul’s integration & alignment to their original Soul Blueprint.  Learn to restore a Soul’s blueprint and activate it through their energy system and crystal core, for a soul’s healing process to be empowered and accelerated with the loving divine assistance of their Higher Self.   This is known as the Healer's Initiation of Soul Activation.
  • Become Initiated by Christ to be a Christ Healer of the Soul - Understand how the healing of the Soul must take place before the soul integration and reunification of fragments can occur, and how it is only then that a soul can be illuminated to experience their wellbeing and wholeness in a greater way.  This is known as the Healer's Initiation of Soul Illumination. 


There are 3 Sacred Initiations of the Holy Channel of Christ Healing Light that you will receive in this training. Each Initiation will be given to you by Christ, with the assistance of the Christ Healing Emissaries (Archangels) from Arcturus, Pleiades and Sirius, and the 7 Archangels who overlight all Beings on Earth – Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Jophiel and Tzadkiel. As you receive the 3 Initiations, you will receive the full understanding of THE HEALING JOURNEY OF THE SOUL and HOW THE SOUL TRULY HEALS.

If you attend this retreat, in the presence of Christ and the Masters of Light, you will receive the highest dispensations, teachings and initiations of the Healer to be able to work directly with a human's energy system and their soul, and to help them with the improvement of their wellbeing through the reactivation of their lifeforce and their soul's inner light. 


What is Christ Light Healing?

The Christ Light is one of the five essential energies that form all in our Universe. The other four energies are Prana, Plasma, Voidal Frequency and Source Frequency. Christ Light is the pure light that we source from the heavenly realms, and it comes in many concentrated, coloured, high sprectrum frequency rays. Golden Christ Light is the base of all Christ Light Rays and within all forms of Christ Light is the Golden Light concentrated powerfully to raise the Light vibration to resonate purely with the 7th Octave of Light/Dimension or Higher Dimensions. 

Why is it so important that the Christ Light be Channelled, rather than any other Stream of Light?

As Christ Light sources from the 7th Dimension and above, it cannot carry any fear, lower thought forms or unresolved energies, astral energies or lower vibrational energies. In other words, Christ Light is the Pure Light Frequency that activates the Golden Light within all of life, and it is safe to be received, as it is absolutely pure and clear so it can activate the natural healing mechanism and Divine Blueprints and pure light of a soul, within their physical and energetic bodies. When a healer channels light vibration it can carry their personal energy, fears, and unresolved feelings when it is given to you, unless the Healer is channelling Christ Light through their Central Pillar. 

When Christ lived on the Earth, he accessed the Christ Light of the Universe, and gave blessings, grace and healings to people through the healing power that he channelled through his heart, God's love, and his hands pouring forth the Christ Light. 

Christ Light is the perfect energy to receive when a soul is evolving and transforming through their spiritual or soul growth, and it is also perfect for all people having difficulties in life because they are not evolving and shifting in alignment to their life path.  


  • Aug 3 - Aug 8, 2016
  • Retreat
  • Sri'ama Qala Phoenix
  • 21 people


The total cost of the residential retreat is USD $1,670

This fee includes 6 nights - 5 days accommodation, all meals (organic and locally sourced when available), and Qala Sri'ama's Teaching Fee.

Numbers are limited to 21 people.

You may reserve your place by filling out the Register Your Interest form below.


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Energy Science Testimonials

I have known Qala for 6 years and have attended many meditations and retreats, including the 2014Energy Science of Your Universal Connection at the Lifebridge Retreat Center in Rosendale, NY. As the name of that retreat suggests, Qala’s work is always and entirely both literal and universal; literal, in that she teaches the specific practice of loving consciousness energy, and universal, because our learning and practice can be applied to all aspects of our life, relationships, and intentions.
Qala is love without judgment. Being with her in teaching, in darshan, in presence together, is to embrace so many aspects of who I am...child, scholar, believer, skeptic, ascetic, saint and sinner. When I am with Qala, I feel held in a deep embrace of caring and guidance, unable to forget that I/we are all beings of light and love. Qala is a rigorous technician of the sacred journey into consciousness and a compassionate teacher in the difficult art of forgiveness, constantly reminding me that I am older and wiser and more profoundly childlike than I know or allow myself to be. Laughing to give you a bellyache, sharing a conversation with Archangel Michael, clearly explaining the relationship between chakra alignment and our feminine/ masculine balance, or the precise technical instructions to enter deeply into one’s heart... a retreat with Qala is demanding and rewarding work, and once together with others, I have not wanted to leave. Kudos, as well, to the quiet presence of the Lifebridge Retreat Center, an architecture and living space that fully supports the intensity of collaborative spiritual work, as well as the self- reflection of individual practice and the space to get away by ones self if needed. Nourishing food, prepared with loving intention, heavenly delicious.

Peter Timothy Metzler E’kai Pjanaan Sheehan
Piermont, NY, USA

Truly my life has been blessed to have had the extreme good fortune to have studied with Qala Sri’ama at each of her NY/US east coast retreats, since 2004. Each teaching has been entirely new and fresh, and vibrantly - somehow magically, current - always addressing not just my own heart’s deepest concerns, but that of every participant. It’s both a mystery and a wonder how Qala manages to meet all these needs, which sometimes we ourselves are unaware of, until we hear them either spoken through the teachings, or reveled through the open discourse that she invites. Unmistakably, one comes to recognize these pearls of wisdom that Qala shares as ‘the key’ to our next step in our personal growth and evolution. The Energy Science lessons are always easily applicable to improving the quality of our daily lives, as they combine clear teachings for the mind to understand and vibrational energy healings and attunements for the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Thus, all is harmonized through out one’s system and the new understandings are easily integrated into one’s daily practice and life at home. From this journey of studying with Qala over the years, my life has become so much richer and deeper than I ever could have imagined... It’s not that it’s always been easy, but I’ve had the tools to meet what has come with great aplomb and a strength that I had not previously known. My intimacy and caring with my husband, family and friends, becomes ever more genuine and real; as the love through my open heart continues to exponentially expand. Studying with Qala Sri’ama is not just the opportunity of a lifetime; it’s the opportunity of many lifetimes!! Listen to your own heart’s calling: and do not miss it!!

Kathryn Elaine El’Qui’Eeshah
Artist, Educator, Teacher - Piermont, NY, USA

Any participation in one of Qala Sri Ama's workshops or retreats is a sacred gift of self- investment. I have studied extensively with her for 10 years now and the reason why, is that I experience profound shifts in consciousness each and every time I work with her, I receive the tools to support myself with, and Qala's capabilities to transmit higher divine Universal teachings continue to expand and grow every year!! If you are dedicated to personal healing or to the evolution of consciousness, I promise you will be AMAZED ~ She is a precious gift to humanity!

Dona Ho Lightsey
Celestial Sound Healer and Creator of Violet Alchemy® healing - New Paltz, NY, USA

Last year I was fortunate enough to attended Qala's "Energy Science" program at Lifebridge in Rosendale, NY. The level of Qala's ability to bring forth the clearest, highest and most multidimensional teachings from the Masters is profound! Her frequency will literally "blow your mind" – that is to say: really expand your mind and consciousness. Qala is a true "teacher" of spiritual evolution: her compassionate, open, kind nature is truly a gift, and shouldn't be missed. If you are a seeker, ready to awaken, evolve and co-create this new Earth, then this is the place to be this August. Qala teaches only once a year in America, each teaching is delivered specifically for the group consciousness and the teachings ready to be revealed.
Lifebridge is a beautiful Lodge with spectacular views of the Catskills, and excellent food, pure mountain water and a sacred gathering temple, for sure. See you there!!!

Kate Anjahlia Loye
Highland, NY, USA

Qala is a most extraordinary teacher. She calls in powerful frequencies for spiritual healing, evolution and transformation. I highly recommend her work if you are interested in reaching higher levels of clarity and illumination. Qala rocks!

Zja'dia Tamrita Christos
Montpelier, VT, USA

I attended Qala's retreat "Energy Science of Your Universal Connection" and found it very helpful. Qala's teachings are very clear and of a high frequency; they made it easy for me to go outside of my mind's limitations and connect with higher guidance. Qala is a very approachable teacher and is willing to answer all questions so that everyone in the workshop understands the processes; no one is left behind even if energy work is new to them. The atmosphere at her retreats is very loving. I felt that I was held in a bubble of love and given time to just be myself, be with kindred spirits, and expand my consciousness. Attending a retreat with Qala is a beautiful gift to give your self.

Barbara S.
New Jersey, USA

Being with Qala for this teaching of Energy Science [of Your Universal Connection] was a thrilling and profound journey of discovery, learning and expansion for me. She is a brilliant, masterful teacher - generous, loving, nurturing and crystal clear. She modeled integrity and alignment consistently while holding a remarkable space of choice and freedom. Months later, I am still experiencing the unfold net and blessings.

Peggy Jackson
Kerhonkson, NY, USA