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Keeper of Elohim Heart Portals

Fellow Travelers and Star Walkers,

My heart is overjoyed to be meeting you once again in this potent moment in the Earth Realm.

I have been waiting for this time, living out in the mountains by the rivers and the lakes, communing with the devas, the rock beings, the trees, the animals and the winged ones who share the land and waters with us. As a child, the first time I climbed a tree, I knew I would find my home here in Nature, where balance is held as each being holds it’s unique puzzle piece within the whole of life. Finding and serving this balance has been my life’s quest. My soul’s endeavor is to embody the highest aspect of self into the human lineage.

This quest brought me to the Rocky Mountains over 20 years ago. It is here that I have been building and anchoring an Elohim Heart Portal, guided by the Sacred Hoop of Elders, the Guardians, the Ascended Masters, many Universal Councils and the ancient, indigenous heart that beats within me and the starry, galactic soul that never seems to rest.

Marrying the magic with the mundane, I have been working with the energies of the land, using crystals and standing stones; creating large stone tablets that carry sacred codes of light; anchoring pillars of Universal Laws and the 7 principals of the Divine University; building a Celestial Gateway and connecting with the sacred portals and temple systems all over the Earth. I was told by the Councils that I could not anchor the temple until I was the temple. It has been a humbling journey within, for this is where the true heart portal lies.

I am blessed to be working with this extraordinary group of Divine University Mentors who have come together in service to humanity and the Earth so that all will remember their core of light which is innately innocent and full of wonder. My focus as a World Ambassador is to guide service projects in the Americas to benefit the Great Balance. As these projects come forward you will be informed and hopefully you will feel called to share your energy and gifts with us.

We periodically have gatherings here in the mountains that bring together many hearts, nations and tribes and in the future will have small gatherings so that people can do their own inner work within the portal. If your heart ever feels called to be with us you can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In La’ Kesh