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Keeper of Archangelic Temples of Prismic Art

Dear Heart,

We welcome you home, into the knowing of the infinite possibilities that lay within the dimensions of your own heart. Many of us have heard the phrase “Follow Your Heart” - to be happy, to be fulfilled in life - but it can be a mystery sometimes as to how exactly, to do this. This is especially true when we have been bombarded with external messages of what we ‘must’ do, in order to make a living and/or survive.

The journey into the knowing of our own heart-path, is a right of initiation that many of us missed, simply because our life circumstances did not present this as an option during the stage of individuation and we felt the pressure to meet the expectations of those who loved us the most.

I am here now: to hold out my hand to you, to hold up my light for you, upon the path of finding your way back into the truth, the comfort, and the infinite love of your unique and amazing heart. For 44 years, my journey has been one of discovering the infinity of my own multi-dimensional heart.

As abstract as this sounds, it is through my connection as Keeper of the Arch-angelic Temples of Prismic Art and the making of sacred artworks that transmit higher consciousness and open viewers to new experiences; the teaching of art in myriad of forms; and by providing unique learning experiences to young people to help them expand their understanding of themselves; that have all together, been intrinsically linked to the evolution of my own consciousness and being: and this has thoroughly prepared me, to guide any soul who wishes to be empowered in the fulfillment of their own life’s true love and potential.

Through years of exploration, study, teaching, and spiritual training – the past twelve of which have been as a student of Sri’ama Qala Phoenix: we offer a wealth of love and knowledge held by our Higher Selves and Divine Presence, that we long to share with those who desire to be self-actualized and empowered to live their dreams.

What is it that your heart dreams of? Whether you know the answer to this question or not, there is a beacon inside of you, waiting to be seen, to be heard, to be followed. If you desire to be fulfilled within this lifetime, if you are ready to take responsibility for the co-creation of your life: I am honored to assist you in claiming your strength and confidence to discover, recognize, and forge ahead to the actualization of your heart’s dearest dreams and desires. Om Shanti, Shanti Om!

Now offering private Divine University sessions and group Octave of Light teachings and meditations in a series of evenings; as well as Sacred Art works to support you: uplifting your soul, inspiring your mind, empowering your spirit!

Not Somehow, But Triumphantly!!

© 2016
Kathryn Elaine Rowedder
El’Qui’Eeshah Tatanya Sheehan
Keeper of Archangelic Temples of Prismic Art

All Rights Reserved.