What is the Sirius Library

Divine Energy & Consciousness Programs

The Sirius Library is the Heart Portal of the Divine University

The Sirius Library is a Transmissional Web Portal for its members. It delivers the enlightening education of Qala Sri'ama Phoenix's programs, and special services from the Teachers and Mentors of the Divine University.
The Library holds grace, divine love, dispensations and greater clarity for your spiritual and personal growth and fulfilment of life purpose.
The Sirius Library promotes the Mission of the Divine University, the DU World Service Projects and the sacred services and missions of the Divine University Mentors.
The Sirius Library stores the Universal Wisdom Teachings of its founder, Qala Sri'ama Phoenix.
The Sirius Library, as a hub of new education, delivers Universal teachings for humanity's spiritual growth, transcendence and evolution. An advanced system of Light Technologies infuses Divine Energy into your being to raise your vibration and consciousness.
Free Heart Portal Membership offers you Login access to your private MY LIBRARY webpage, and all gifts and services we deliver to our members. Your My Library Page also gives you access to all free courses or registered programs you may sign up for.

Free Heart Portal Membership to All

By registering for FREE HEART PORTAL MEMBERSHIP, the Sirius Library offers free membership to all, and inspires humanity to become the best version of themselves through the 7 Guiding Principles of the Divine University.

Membership Benefits

As a member of the Sirius Library and The Divine University, you shall receive the following:

Private My Library Page

Member Access to the Sirius Library via secured login

This takes you to your My Library Webpage

Private My Library Page

Free Monthly Energybody Upgrade

Member Access to the Free Monthly Service

Monthly Heart Portal Energybody Upgrade

Free Sunday Blessings

Member Access to the Free Weekly Blessing

Received on Sundays at 9am or 9pm wherever you may be

Free Sunday Blessings

Free Support Material

Member Access to an Expansive Library of Free Support Material

Free Videos, Blog, Teachings, Free Courses, Samples of Programs and Blessings

Trainings & Program Courses

Member Access to Register for Special Trainings

Trainings or Purchase Programs from the Sirius Library

Trainings & Program Courses

Discover Your Spiritual Path

Discover and Understand which of the 3 Spiritual Paths You are On

The Spiritual Path of Love, Path of Wisdom or Path of Presence

Discover Your Best Training Stream

Discover which Training Stream We Offer Would be Best for You

if you wish to train with the Enlightened Ones

Discover Your Best Training Stream

Work with a Divine University Mentor

Discover and Meet your Highest Potential Mentor

Fast-track and accelerate your spiritual development and healing by registering to work with a highly-trained Spiritual Mentor from the Divine University

Your Purchased Training Programs Library

Access and Storage of all Your Purchased Training Programs

Your purchased training programs from The Frequency Store

Your Purchased Training Programs Library

Other Services for Heart Portal members only

Special Invitations to Other Services

Special services and trainings available for registration from the Sirius Library and Divine University

Receive Free Membership

Open Your Divine Connection

The Heart Portal is such wondrous energy work that is assisting greatly in lifting vibration, clearing obstacles and achieving balance; Thank you for opening new possibilities, inviting awareness, and assisting in raising the collective consciousness.

Alki, Australia

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