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As you read this, dear friend, 1000 Angels and 1000 Archangels begin to gently focus on where you are, and some of these Divine Messengers of Light travel to visit with you now.  They begin to Open the Heart Portal for you. 

The Heart Portal connects you to the Divine University's Heart Vibration and opens a sacred space of divine love and light, higher frequency around your body. The Heart Portal, as it opens around you now, blesses you, your life, your energy and all that is around your being, 20 feet in every direction.

Our Group Heart Prayer for Your Beautiful Soul

May the love of your Divine Presence, enfold and wrap you in Spheres of Universal Light emanations, until you know how loved you are, how precious you are, and how irreplaceable you are in this world, beloved. 

May the dreams of your heart and your Soul's creative inspirations be given space, positivity, and the power to expand and become realised in your lifetime, or may they support others to manifest their dreams and may this fulfil you as you witness their growth in life. 

May your life path lead you to understanding the greater meaning of your existence, and gift you a Divine Blessing that you have not received before upon this Sacred Earth. 

May you know your path and be clearly guided to discover love, open your light frequency, accept yourself and others, share your heart with as many as you can, and use your gifts wisely to create greater peace, happiness and well being for yourself, others, and our beloved Earth, whilst you are incarnate in this beautiful world. 

May you come to a place of deep peace within your heart, discover love and the way to your heart, and journey into the inner sanctuary of light of your Spirit. 

May you meet your Holy Spirit there, calm all doubts, thoughts, feelings, and forgive all you unable to understand, accept and resonate with. 

May the Crystal Light resonance of your heart, purify and open and expand through every cell of your body, to shed all that no longer serves you, and all that may not allow you to accept your Divinity and Oneness with the Divine – God – Great Spirit – The Oneness – The Infinite.

May the Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Ones be known to you, walk by your side, step by step, and support you to love yourself, trust yourself, trust your heart and receive all of the grace you need in life to awaken fully, live in your open heart, and fulfil your higher life purpose.

With all our love and blessings,

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix

Spiritual Teacher & Founder of the Divine University

The Universe is far more creative than the seeds of time, the winds of change and what your single hand can construct in one life. Your life, though, is your instrument for witnessing your love can move, create, and giveth to this immense creation, your Universe. Stand in the light and know that the power you truly hold is humble in its love, strong in its wisdom, and wise in its action.

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