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The Divine University

The Divine University is the source of all education, teachings, blessings, wisdom and dispensations that you will receive through this site or through any program, group event or session you may register for that is advertised on this site.

The Divine University is a body of Universal Ashrams and Spiritual Temples of Light on the Inner Planes, which specifically carry the divine energy, wisdom, grace and love to illuminate, nurture and train initiates on their spiritual path in their greater heart opening, consciousness expansion, liberation and transformation from the ego state / lower self to the open heart state /higher self, which is required for a soul's ascension and further enlightenment on their path. 


The spiritual journey of meeting the Divine, takes place through the following 7 sacred steps:

  • Opening one's Inner Light, which transforms fear and purifies one's heart  

  • Opening the Heart, which takes place through igniting the eternal flame of one's heart and accepting love again, and accepting one's inner light and empowerment in life

  • Accepting one's Divinity which takes place when one accepts the divinity of one's soul, mind, body and spirit

  • Raising one's Consciousness and Light Vibration, which takes place when a soul no longer gives their power to fear and no longer aligns their will to negative beliefs or negative emotions, and through a soul receiving the Light deeply from God-Source

  • Ascension of the Soul into a Higher State of Consciousness which takes place through a sacred contract being initiated between the Higher Self and the soul, and requires a soul to merge with their Higher Self consciousness and let go of their base desire attachments. Ascension allows a Soul to engage with their Superconsciousness or Higher Self connection. 

  • The Superconsciousness (Higher Self or Presence) guides the Soul in every aspect of their life. Access to one's Superconsciousness occurs as a soul is able to shift the unconscious (ego nature of lower self), to conscious awareness into their heart centre, so as to make contact with the higher dimensions of light and love, and their Divine Presence/Holy Spirit.

  • A Soul meets with the Divine within (Presence), and Divine within all of life - Oneness, Peace, Love, Divinity and Grace are all experienced when a Soul enters a Higher State of Consciousness. Different higher consciousness states are experienced as a soul moves through their Initiations with their Feminine Spirit and Masculine Spirit. 


The Divine University Training System


The Divine University Training System is based on 7 Core Teachings, which offer a soul the divine energy and consciousness to be able to move through these 7 steps on their spiritual path.

The 7 Core Teachings and their divine transmissions of light, are embedded into all programs offered through the Sirius Library by Divine University Teachers/Mentors.

This is received as a special form of frequency that activates the chakras, crystal core, and pillar of light of a person's energy system to support them to have the energy and consciousness to open through some or all of the 7 stages or initiations on their spiritual path, as described above.

The Divine University is the New Education System that emanates from the Great Central Sun, Sirius, and Alcyone whichi is the Central Sun of the Pleiades system, to support all in our universe to receive their soul's ascension on their path of enlightenment. It's source library is located as pure light in a non physical form on the star system Sirius, and a replica of this Library's earth wisdom and teachings is held in the Great Pyramid Portal in Giza, Egypt. It connects through Thousands of Light Temples and Ashrams which are held on the Inner Planes - the Spiritual Planes in Higher Dimensions of Light. 

The Sirius Library carries the knowledge, wisdom, tools, dispensations, grace and lovelight frequencies to free any soul from duality, fear, and the ego's imprisonment through pain and suffering. The light within must become the primary focus through the heart for this to occur, so the heart opening of a soul is the only true path to freedom and liberation on earth.  

The Divine University Training System is grounding on Earth through the Sirius library web portal, with the intention to expand this via the grounding of Divine University Pillars and Temples through the heart of some of the physical light centres, worldwide, by those who are guided to link their hearts with the Divine University training system, to deliver sacred teachings and programs to people worldwide and share in the grounding of the Divine University group mission. 


What is So Unique about the Divine University Training/Support Programs


The Divine University is overlighted by 96 Enlightened Masters, who are known as the council of The Enlightened Ones. The transmissional frequency and dispensations of the Enlightened Ones are held in all primary programs of the Divine University. This creates the training programs to be very special in their uniqueness on earth, as every audio, pdf and image is encoded with higher light and love frequencies which activate a soul's ascension into a higher light connection.

As you listen, you always receive visitations from Higher Light Beings who open the sacred space for you and raise the vibration of the energy field you are in, so you can receive what is on offer via the training or support programs. The programs are filled with dispensations, which when given to you, activate your chakras and consciousness, your inner light to open, and support you through the different levels of the 7 stages of your spiritual growth and development.  

These are easy to receive, as so much is given to you in the form of divine energy and this divine energy is embedded into every level of the training and every support program on offer. This is very special for every soul who receives these light and love blessings, as ascension of the soul is the greatest preparation for the afterlife, and frees a soul from the lower fears of the collective to allow them to live in open heart and experience oneness with all beings.

May you be so blessed to receive the divine transmissions of light and love encoded within every aspect of the Divine University's giftings to our world. 

May these transmissions support you to play your very special role and fulful your higher life purpose and enjoy your life with all the blessings, love and abundance Mother Earth is able to provide you, beloved.

God Bless You! Blessed Be all Beings! Blessed Be the Earth! Blessed be the Caretakers!