Divine University Healing & Blessing Evening

Receive One Hour Healing with the Divine University Healing Team, The Enlightened Ones, Archangels & Angels

Divine University Healing Night

Byron Bay, Australia

After 7.5 years the last evening at Temple Byron will be Wednesday 27th April. After this they will occur as long distance healing and blessing. More information to come…

Starts 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm

A one hour healing with The Divine University Healing Team, the Enlightened Ones, Archangels and Angels in Sacred Space.

Location: Temple Byron, 46 Melaleuca Drive, Byron Bay

Please arrive before 6.20 pm to find your place in the space, and bring a recommended donation of $5

The Divine University Healing Team will open the sacred space and activate the Divine University Pillar of Light that is anchored through the sacred altars within The Temple.
As gentle prayers are spoken to OPEN THE SACRED SPACE, you are invited to give permission to receive the universal grace dispensations being offered to humanity at this time, and to set your own personal intention for healing.
Through sounding: OM MAYA MA KITA RAKU ANA PEYA NAMU - The GOD PRESENCE MANTRA together, the Divine University Healing Team, activate the sacred space and a Divine Temple of Healing and Grace, grounds through the beautiful meeting hall at Temple Byron. As the Temple grounds, 22 Pillars of Light activate from the Central Sun in the Pleiades system, grounding into the Earth over this one hour journey. Many Emissaries of Light, Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presences of all attending, step into the sacred space and begin the healing process of washing the energy field, and filling different chakras or organs with concentrated love and light frequencies. During this one hour healing, the light overflows out of this Temple space to bless the community of Byron Bay.
If you are blessed to visit Temple Byron to receive the healing in physical presence, you will invited to lay on the soft floor for one hour, and guided to relax and receive the sacred sound mantra blessings, and then journey into your heart as sounds of the crystal bowls and heart tones fills the space. The healers may place their hands on your body as guided, if this is needed to open the energy flow more deeply. Their healing touch will be gentle and full of love, and you will only receive this if it is truly needed at the time.
To complete the divine healing, the Divine University Healing Team sing the sacred mantra: MAYA KYYA MARU RAKU - RANU REKAY RAMU SITA KUMU - MARA NAMU PEYOU KUMA - THE GALACTIC HEART MANTRA, to activate the 22 strands of DNA within your energy body and activate your Heart Chakra to receive the highest level of blessing, sealing and protection.

How to Receive
the Healing

Wednesday Evenings
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
(NSW Australia time)

Join us physically in Byron Bay, Australia, or Receive the Healing, Long Distance from the comfort of your home.

Join Us Physically

Join us at: 
Temple Byron,
46 Melaleuca Drive, 
Byron Bay,
Northern NSW,

Please bring $AUD 5.00 or more Donation.

Come and lie down in the Temple to receive divine love and light infusions. This is a wonderful community service to all who can attend.

Afterwards, you may wish to speak to a member of the Healing Team to understand if other Divine University events are taking place locally, and how you may participate.  If you do, please ask to speak with Rama or Lelama.

Join Us Long Distance from the Comfort of Your Home

You may receive the Divine University Healing, long distance, if you say the Healing Prayer to activate your linkup to The Divine University Healing. You will need to lie down in your own sacred space and to have privacy and not be disturbed by others.

You will also need to know the time of this free healing service in your corresponding time zone, as you may only receive the blessings in real time. To begin the healing, you will need to sound the God Presence Mantra, 13 times, or to play the audio recording of this mantra.

Prayer to Linkup to the Divine University Healing

Beloved God Goddess, Holy Mother, Holy Father, I call on the Enlightened Ones to create a bridge for me now to the Divine University Healing. I give permission to receive the universal grace and dispensations, being offered to humanity, and to be filled with love and light as I lay and receive over the next hour. I invoke the Holy Spirit, my Divine Presence, to overlight my healing as I sound or listen to the God Presence mantra now.


On completion of the one hour, simply say the following prayer:

May this grace and love now ground deeply through me so I may shine my divinity.
May this grace also be received by every member of my family and community.
May this grace heal all who need healing in our world.
May this light and love activate peace all over the world!

Blessed Be. Blessed Be the Earth! Blessed Be All Beings!

Divine Presence Code

God Presence Mantra

This sacred mantra, when sounded 13 times, activates your Divine Presence/Holy Spirit and your Soul's Eternal Heart Flame to Ignite through your Energy Field, bringing greater peace, love and oneness to your Soul.

You may wish to play The God Presence Mantra recording, sung by Qala and Lelama Sjamar. Close your eyes to allow the divine energy to gently infuse through you. You may wish to mantra with them, to learn the mantra and experience your Divine Presence merging with you. It is always a beautiful experience.

Join the Divine University Healing Team in Byron Bay

Are You a Healer Who Wants to Develop Their Pillar and Heart Energy?

The most amazing shortcut to living in your true heart energy, is created when a soul gives from their heart deeply, without seeking anything in return for what they give.

This act of giving, without exchange, or receiving back directly for what one gives, is called Divine Service. It is through Divine Service, that all on the spiritual path transform their deepest karma, or self created blockages to the flow of love and wisdom, happiness, health, abundance and grace. What we cannot change ourselves, can only be altered through the hand and heart of God, and grace does come to us when we provide grace to others.

When we offer our divine service to others in this way, as the DU Healing Team does, we open ourselves to receive the divine healing we cannot create through our personal healing focuses, forgiveness and heart opening processes in life.

The healers always feel lighter and infused with divine energy after they offer service to the community. It is a deep pleasure for them to attend the healing and give their love and light in the company of many Enlightened Beings, Archangels, Angels and Emissaries.

If you would like to join the DU healing team, you may contact Delicia, using the Contact the Healing Team contact form below.

Please only contact Delicia if you live in the local region and you are a healer, and you wish to offer regular service, once a week or once a fortnight, and are happy to work in a healing team for this higher purpose of offering free healing.

You will need to come and meet all of the team to connect hearts and understand the healing process. You will move through a process of learning to open your pillar of light if you do not already know how to do this, and you will need to learn the mantras before becoming an active member of the team. You are not required to come every Wednesday, but will need to commit to coming regularly after you attune and activate yourself to be a member of the DU Healing Team.

Contact the Healing Team

If you are interested in joining the healing, please contact us using the form above.


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