Divine University Healing & Blessing Evening

Receive One Hour Healing with the Divine University Healing Team, The Enlightened Ones, Archangels & Angels

Receive The Divine University Healing 

Wednesday 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm
NSW Time, Australia 

You are invited to receive our one hour healing.
with The Divine University Healing Team, the Enlightened Ones, Emissaries, Archangels and Angels in the comfort of your own home

The Divine University Healing Team will open the sacred space for you through powerful prayers.
As the empowerment prayers are spoken to create the Healing Grace to come to you in a magnified form, you are invited to give permission to receive the universal grace dispensations being offered to humanity at this time, and to set your own personal intention for healing.

To receive the divine healing, simply say the following prayer and then lay down for one hour. 

The Opening Prayer

I call on the Divine University healing team and the Chamber of Divine Grace & Healing to anchor around me.
I give permission for universal healing now and ask for divine assistance with ..............................................................................................................................................(insert your intention)
I call on my Divine Presence, Higher Self and my Spiritual Council to overlight this healing so it is in the highest divine order for my being. May this healing flow through me into the earth and bless the earth and all beings.

On completion of saying this prayer, say the 2nd prayer below, and then play the God Presence mantra (below) and lay down for one hour. 

Through playing: OM MAYA MA KITA RAKU ANA PEYA NAMU - The GOD PRESENCE MANTRA , the Divine University Healing Team, will begin to activate the healing to begin. Many Emissaries of Light, Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presences step into the sacred space and begin the healing process of washing your energy field, and filling different chakras or organs with concentrated love and light frequencies.

The 2nd Prayer for Divine Healing

Beloved God Goddess, Holy Mother, Holy Father, I call on the Enlightened Ones to create a bridge for me now to the Divine University Healing. I give permission to receive the universal grace and dispensations, being offered to humanity, and to be filled with love and light as I lay and receive over the next hour. I invoke the Holy Spirit, my Divine Presence, to overlight my healing as I sound or listen to the God Presence mantra now.


On completion of the one hour, simply say the following prayer:

May this grace and love now ground deeply through me so I may shine my divinity.
May this grace also be received by every member of my family and community.
May this grace heal all who need healing in our world.
May this light and love activate peace all over the world!

Blessed Be. Blessed Be the Earth! Blessed Be All Beings!

Divine Presence Code

God Presence Mantra

This sacred mantra, when sounded 13 times, activates your Divine Presence/Holy Spirit and your Soul's Eternal Heart Flame to Ignite through your Energy Field, bringing greater peace, love and oneness to your Soul.

You may wish to play The God Presence Mantra recording, sung by Qala and Lelama Sjamar. Close your eyes to allow the divine energy to gently infuse through you. You may wish to mantra with them, to learn the mantra and experience your Divine Presence merging with you. It is always a beautiful experience.

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