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Founder of The Sirius Library & The Divine University

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix is the founder of the Divine University, an International Teacher and Author. Qala is an Ambassador for the Enlightened Masters. Over the last 20 years, the new education, dispensations, and profound grace offered, has blessed and raised the quality of people's lives in over 40 countries.

Qala has created over 150 unique programs of new education with the Enlightened Masters for advancement of our consiousness.  These programs open access to our Superconsciousness and Mastery, developing our Divine Connection to create the embodiment of our Higher Self and Divine Presence as a Path of Transformation in the reaching of our human potential.

Qala's Teachings are unique in their precision of revealing completely new information, sourced from the Universal Realms, and through the Power of Transmission of Divine Frequency which infuses all participants and shifts them into a higher state of awareness.

So many people continue to be amazed at the heights of love, peace, happiness, and the natural high they can reach through the teachings, wondering how it was possible through simply listening to Qala, that their energy state and experience could alter so deeply and so quickly, as if to be touched by the Angels, or the hand of God.

Through the Spiritual Path, we discover the gifts that lay within our Human Nature and become mystified by our own power and the love God has bestowed upon us. As we awaken to our greater nature, our Divine Presence, we are deeply touched and blessed to feel, know and trust that God/Great Spirit lives within us.
We are Divine

Connect with Your Divine Presence

Qala believes that every one of us has a special puzzle piece and gift for the Divine Plan for peace and balance on Earth, and that we each came to the Earth for a Higher Purpose. When we align to our Purpose or Mission, we blossom with joy and happiness, which makes our Spirit glow, illuminating our mind and body.

The Universe provides profound opportunitues of growth and change when we seek this from the sacred space of our open heart. Qala has the gift to open your heart, and reconnect you with the Mystery and Higher Purpose that lay inside of you, that develops your closer relationship with all Souls, your Higher Self, Divine Presence, The Family of Light and God/Great Spirit. 

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If you have a chance to spend some time with Qala, we highly recommend it. All walk away feeling grateful and in a higher state of being, having received grace and love, as Holy Spirit moves through Qala to gift everyone all that they are able to receive from God-Source and their Divine Presence. Many people say that it is as if Qala were speaking to them personally, bringing them all the answers to their questions, without even asking one question.

Qala works with the Divine Presence and Higher Self of all around her and is guided to present all that each Soul truly needs, with Love, Grace and Ease. 

Qala's Message About Your Divine Presence

Qala's Interview with Ariella Indigo at the Multidimensional Human Experience Global Summit

Karma is generally understood as personal, and clearing karma is often considered an individual effort, with individual rewards. In Opening Our Spiritual Eyes, spiritual teacher Qala Sri'ama Phoenix shows how karmic clearing can also be used in collective healing. Karma is shared within families and communities, and clearing karma releases it from the etheric body of our children and future generations. The book was inspired by the ongoing "Celestial Project," a four-year global endeavor of Australia's Divine University that began in 2009. The project involves people gathering worldwide on specific dates to focus on the karmic cleaning of the etheric body of a major city.

Opening Our Spiritual Eyes draws on the author's experiences of meeting the Enlightened Masters, those wise spirit guides who, through her, present new understandings of the collective karma held within the world's primary cities and our etheric bodies - and how to free ourselves, our families, and our world from it with grace. Revealing what Qala Sri'ama Phoenix calls "the true nature of the divine plan for humanity and our Earth," the book shares essential keys for how we can become empowered to live in alignment with our divine purpose.

No more Divine than you, yet truly Divine I Am, this is my truth and the truth I hold for you. Come into the arms of the Divine Mother and Father, Love and Wisdom, and be nurtured and raised until you can be no more filled. Source awaits you.


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