5th Dimensional Management

Managed by a System of Light Councils

The Divine University is a non-profit organization registered in Arizona, USA. It is managed by a system of Light Councils. The Councils of Light within the Divine University are based on 9 and 13 representatives.

The Divine University Board

The Board is a Council of 9 people, responsible for the legal financial aspects of the organization and ensuring the direction of the organization is aligned to the Divine University mission. who each hold a guiding principle of divine consciousness that are the foundation stone of the Divine University. Within the Board, there is a secondary council of 7 called The Divine Plan Council which has the role of communing on the most important matters of the organization and ensuring these matters are aligned to the Divine Plan, DU Mission and the 7 guiding Principles – Love, Wisdom, Divinity, Faith, Service, Communion and Charity.

Our management system is guided by these founding 7 principles and 2 extra principles of Grace and Ease. The Divine University Board & Divine Plan Council together steer the Divine University’s direction and timing via the 7 principles, and our management system via the 9 principles. They also uphold all legal, and financial matters of the organization in Integrity with the financial and legal Commitments of The Divine University. The Board meets every 2 months to accomplish its tasks.

The Mission Hub

The Mission Hub Council can be likened to our central computer system. It is made purely of the living intelligence of 18 councilors and their spiritual and earthly lineages, linking in group consciousness. Within the Mission Hub are 2 Councils of 9 People, who meet fortnightly.

The Wisdom/Higher Communications Council of 9 – This Council’s role is to hold the higher consciousness required to receive Higher Communications or Wisdom teachings, in group consciousness in support of the Divine University Mission.

The Manifestation Council of 9 – This Council’s role to hold the higher consciousness required to manifest resource for the Divine University, in group consciousness in support of the Divine University Mission.

Each of the Mission Hub councilors in the beginning of each council meeting link their consciousness with The Universal Lines of Higher Intelligence for the following purposes:

  • To maintain the clarity of the group mind and group heart of the divine university.
  • To build the spiritual current and energy field of the divine university.
  • Transmitting and receiving divine energy and consciousness for higher purposes of the mission.
  • Maintaining balance between the development of clear communications and education within the divine university, and the manifestation and use of resource within the organization.
  • To facilitate regular ceremony for higher levels of divine communication or manifestation.

The Council of New Education

The Council of New Education is a Council of 13 that manages the development of new education within the Divine University. Springing from this Council, we also have other councils of 9 for important projects within New Education.

The New Education Council manages:

  • Support for The DU Mentors/Teachers.
  • Building and Support for the DU Teaching Centre’s.
  • Training of the Mentors/Teachers.
  • Teaching Documents and Policies of the Divine University.
  • The Divine Mentor’s Session System – The Happy Life Sessions.
  • And all other projects we are guided to develop.

The Council of New Earth Heart Services

The Council of New Earth Heart Services is a Council of 9 that manages the development of new services within the Divine University.

The New Earth Heart Services Council manages:

  • The Booking/Payment System of The Mentor Sessions.
  • The Marketing and Promotions of the Mentor Services.
  • The Marketing and Promotions of Divine University Events.
  • The Promotion of New Services within the Divine University.
  • And all other logistics related to the Services of the Divine University.

The Graduate Council of Mentors

The Graduate Council of Mentors is a Council of 27, which aims to meet each new moon to connect hearts and higher mind together for a higher purpose as a collective. The Graduate Council votes on all matters that will create new changes in the new management system of the divine university that the Mentor’s growth and development as a collective and upon the creation or delivery of our services.

The Chohan - Chela Council

The Councils of Light each have a Chohan, or both a Chohan and Chela, who are spiritual managers within the Councils. All of the Chohans and Chela’s work together with the Enlightened Masters, their Higher selves and Divine Presences to review the practical matters within the organization and its development, in problem solving and development of new implementations that bless the mentors and members of the divine university. Together they deal with the smaller level decisions within the organization that allow the flow of operations of projects the Councils have determined are the present or future priority of the Divine University.

What is a Chohan – A chohan can be likened to a spiritual manager who works directly with the Enlightened Masters. A chohan is empowered by the Enlightened Masters to hold a Golden Rod for the Council, to ensure the 1st ray work of directing the activities within the Council are clear and well directed.

What is a Chela – A chela can be likened to a recordkeeper and adviser who works with the Enlightened Masters and the Chohan. A Chela is empowered by The Enlightened Masters to hold the Golden Scrolls for the Council, for the 2nd ray work of ensuring the successful grounding of the activities within the Council.

How Does Each Council Operate?

Each council of light meets on a regular basis, either fortnightly or monthly. During each meeting, all members of the council open their spiritual connection with their Higher Self, Divine Presence and The 96 Enlightened Masters that overlight the Divine University. During the Council meetings, every member enters a different state of awareness, called Higher Self Connection or Presence.

Each council has a Chohan or spiritual manager, whose role is to ensure that all projects their council is responsible for are aligned to the 7 principles of the Divine University, and that activities of lesser importance are decided upon by those who have the expertise or those who are effected by the decision making outcome.

Decision making within the important activities of the University presently are created either by the Mother Chohans of each Council or via Voting of all graduate mentors or via a process of communion within each Council meeting.

What is Our Learning Process?

Our new management structure is based on our Sirian Higher Self Connection. We activate our Higher Connection through specific loving practices of opening our central chakra system to the Suns in the heavens and the heart of the Mother Earth, linking through the unified field with higher intelligence of the Universe and Earth to switch our consciousness into Super conscious states of awareness.

Our management structure recognizes the importance of the inner and outer development and its sacred balance, as this balance assists the evolution for all beings. This balance of the inner and outer development is perceived as supporting balance of two primary forces within our universe – the feminine and masculine principles.

We are each learning how to work together via a 5th dimensional form of management, based on Love and Humanity’s heart vibration, as our divine service to grounding this new blueprint for humanity.

Our work is to embody it firstly as a group of spiritually activated people from many different regions of the Earth and receive guidance to make changes in the new management structure when it is divine timing.

Our Divine Blueprint of New Management is sourced from the Enlightened Masters. It is based on 3 divine principles of new organization:

  1. Group Consciousness
  2. Higher Self Connection
  3. The Divine Plan

3 Divine Principles of New Organization

Group Consciousness is our 1st evolutionary principle, based on WE consciousness, and the release of the belief that we are able to evolve from a state of individual consciousness to Divine Presence, a state of Unity ‘We’ Consciousness where all one’s thoughts and emanations serve one’s own being as well as all beings.
Higher Self Connection is our 2nd evolutionary principles based on Opening one’s Chakra’s and interconnecting them to form a Pillar of Light Connection with the Sun, Central Sun and Earth Core.
Recognition of The Divine Plan is our 3rd evolutionary principle, based on Divine Guidance and the awareness of God’s Presence within all of life and how working with God’s Presence will bring all to its highest potential and a WIN-WIN outcome.

The Blueprint is Alive and is Developing

The blueprint is alive and is developing, as we each put our heart energy into meeting with each other in group consciousness. It is our intention as we develop this together that the divine blueprint of management shall feed the Soul with the light substance of Spirit, for our personal growth and development and for the development of the organization.

This is an ongoing experiment and involves changing the dynamics in our management system as each level of new management fulfills its purpose or initiation and discovers new learning. Change is a principle under which the new management operates and we manage this change through group heart resonance.

Change is a principle under which the new management operates and we manage this change through group heart resonance.

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