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The Divine University Mission

Through the Sirius Library Project and it's Heart Portal, The Sirius Library, members and students of the Divine University's teachings and programs may receive a unique form of new education that supports their spiritual path's growth and personal development in the opening of the heart, activating the Light within, the raising of consciousness, and the alignment of their life path to their higher life purpose.

The Divine University Project promotes education, based on the 7 principles of love, wisdom, divinity, faith, communion, service and charity, to all its members and students, worldwide.

Through the honouring of the Divine Within and the Divine Presence in all of life, members and students of the Sirius Library and Divine University teachings, are encouraged and supported to open their divine connection, and transform or initiate their highest potential life path and world service to their family, community, fellow humanity, Mother Earth and all beings. 

The Divine University Mission is to ground and distribute new education programs for raising the consciousness of humanity, in world service, to the Great Balance on Earth. 

The Divine University Project and Sirius Library Project 

The Divine University Project and The Sirius Library Project are both, 'not for profit' organisations, based in Australia.

The Sirius Library Project provides Divine University Members the following services: 

  1.  Free Membership to the Sirius Library - The Heart Portal of the Divine University
  2.  5th Dimensional Education Programs 
  3.  Divine Assistance Programs and Sessions 

Management of the Divine University Mission

Management of the Sirius Library and Divine University mission, takes place through the overlighting guidance of the Enlightened Masters through a group of dedicated Spiritual Teachers/Mentors who sit upon the 3 Councils - The Council of New Education, The Council of Integration, and Council of Teaching & Facilitation. 

Each member of the 3 councils offers their gifts in service to the management of goals that develop the group mission of the Divine University's new education for humanity, and the flow and management of all that serves the Divine University mission. 

The 28 Council Members are: 

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix - Founder of The Sirius Library & Divine University Project  (Australia & Egypt) 

Amaya Ma Kumara (Australia & Egypt)

Lelama Sjamar (Australia)

Illumina Christos (Australia)

El'Zjhe'aan Christos (USA)

Kaliana Raphael Rose (Australia)

Sri'Rama Raphael (Australia)

El'Zura Kumara (Mexico) 

Saajz Raphael (Australia)

Mareesha Ma Kumara (Australia)

Ocha Sheehan (Australia)

El'Qui'Eeshah Sheehan (USA - New York Ambassador of DU)

Azraella Raphael (Australia)

Mazjika Sheehan (Switzerland - Geneva Ambassador of DU)

Qu'elama Mariza (Mexico - Mexico City Ambassador of DU)

Sjamirra Kumara (USA)

Suishaya Kumara (France - Paris Ambassador of DU) 

Zamara Chamuel (Australia)

Anaan Kumara (France - Europe and Asia Ambassador of DU)

Ishkah Christos (London, United Kingdom & Italy - Ambassador of DU)

Ama'zjhi Kumara (USA)

Anjahlia Sheehan (USA)

Ra'shiym Christos (Australia)

El'elia Christos (USA)

Sui'shana Raphael (Australia)

Zja'dia Christos (USA)

Azmirra Sheehan (Australia)

Kaleiya Shamahlea Ashtar (Argentina)