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Blessings Beloved Hearts, 

I have been blessed to work and meet with so many wonderful people around the world, over the last 15 years of international travel and teaching. So I became very excited in 2014, when a group of us decided to go to the next level and form a collective so we could work as a Team with the Enlightened Teams. I am so blessed to be joined by 27 Mentors/Teachers and to be working side by side with them through the Heart Portal of the Divine University. 

All of the 27 Divine University Mentors & Teachers  are all sacred treasures and have big hearts. We are a soul family and have so much love and wisdom to share with you all! 

Representing Mexico, Argentina, USA, France, Switzerland, England, Italy and Australia, we are working in group mission as a team to ground new education based on

  • The Divine University's Core Teachings -  are pure light transmissions of divine energy, wisdom, love on specific subjects. All group work and events on this website carry these light transmissions within them. The Mentors will be announcing their events in the near future. 
  • Mentor Sessions - a streamlined system of 7 personal sessions that masterfully support a soul on their path of personal and spiritual development - you will be able to receive The Happy Heart Session, The Peaceful Mind Session and The Loving Soul Session from the Mentor of your choice very soon.  

All of the mentors/teachers carry 7 Core Teachings of the Divine University within their energybody,  and have received the initiation to be able to fully open the Spiritual Portal for you, so you may receive the transmissions of the Core Teachings  and be activated or initiated on your spiritual path - raising in consciousness and vibration. 

If you click on any photo below it will take you to each teacher/mentors beautiful webpage. Please enjoy meeting our beautiful team.

We are here to offer you our heart based services and loving support for your life to flow with grace and freedom beloveds.