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Opening the Divine Connection within your energy body allows you to receive divine energy and raise your vibration, reach higher states of consciousness, and have higher energy experiences. Your Divine Connection offers you free energy for your personal upliftment, whenever you seek it.

Our divine connection to the Universe, Earth, all beings and our own Higher nature is easy to open with practice. This brings greater light and love into your energy field and into the chakras that feed your soul, mind and body with the pure light of your spirit.

Your Divine Connection is energised when you spiritually awaken and begin to seek the Light and Love within. Take the next step and learn to open and build your divine connection so you may receive love and light whenever you need, from within your own being.

So many people on their spiritual path look for the answers to questions through books and intellectual endeavours, but ultimately, these only come when one makes DIRECT CONTACT WITH SPIRIT and through accessing THE LIGHT WITHIN. This is an energetic experience, which first purifies and cleanses your energy and then fills you with a higher light vibration, called Frequency. 

What is this higher light frequency, available to you, but the pure light of your consciousness and the pure Light of Universal Spirit/God/Source flowing through you to bring greater connection to the world and your oneness, love, wisdom and higher awareness, as your experience. 

Returning to be with Source, The Oneness, Divine Presence, God/Universal Spirit/Great Spirit, is an inner practice that requires alignment to the core spiritual principles or laws of the universe, and opening oneself energetically to the unified field/quantum field and recognising one's soul is a Divine being. This spiritual journey offers you the extra awareness and energy to liberate the light, truth, love and gifts of your Soul from your earthly karma, and in turn this liberates the self. 

Learning to Build your Divine Connection is essential for the spiritual journey of Liberation in Life, but it also benefits every soul's passageway into the afterlife. It brings you closer to the source of all Life, and regenerates, reactivates and energises your being.


Divine Connection takes place through learning to: 

  • build the light energy within your heart chakra via opening your source connection through guided meditation
  • radiate the inner light of your soul through your body and field via activating your energetic core
  • open your chakras and receive divine energy from the universe
  • open a pillar of light through your chakras between the central sun, our sun and the earth core
  • build and widen your pillar of light through receiving dispensations of love and light
  • establish your higher energy and higher consciousness connection known as Higher Self
  • live with forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love, self responsibility and self empowerment
  • be guided fully through heart resonance and Higher Self guidance
  • walk in the world in your pillar of light, experiencing and building greater levels of divine connection
  • open your consciousness and energy field to receive love and embody the spiritual principles of light
  • receive divine assistance for your fulfilment of your life purpose


This may seem a mammoth task, but in fact it is very simple when you learn to receive the full grace available via the divine assistance of your spiritual guides, your Higher Self, angels, archangels, the Enlightened Masters and your Holy Spirit/Divine Presence.

Amazing grace is truly available to you when you choose to Open and Build your Divine Connection. 

This process is called THE AWAKENING of the TRUE SELF. 


After fully awakening, all walk in the world, open hearted and open minded, blessing our world and offering their special contribution for this life, from their life purpose.

All you need is to open your divine connection to know the way to fulfil your life purpose.

Through our divine oneness, every self-transformation, not only serves one individual, but radiates out to bless every member of your family, community and your humanity.


Build the Higher Energy and Positive Purpose of your Life

How can I build my divine connection through the support of the Sirius Library?

  1. You may begin by experiencing the Free Membership to the Heart Portal. When you JOIN THE HEART PORTAL, you will immediately receive access to five special audio recordings via your own membership page. You will also have access to articles which support you to understand how you can work with the Heart Portal to receive divine energy and support when you need it. These recordings will attune you to the Heart Portal and offer you blessings and divine energy.
  2. To open your Divine Connection and have some profound shifts in your energy, YOU MAY REGISTER NOW FOR MASTER MEDITATION. This is offered by Qala via a series of 1O webinars and may be received in the comfort of your own home. Each webinar can be listened to, at any time you wish, and accessed via your membership page on this site. MASTER MEDITATION will teach you how to open the 7 levels of your Divine Connection easily, and how the 7 levels of your spiritual development are accelerated by 7 Master Meditations, which OPEN YOUR CONNECTION to the MASTER WITHIN, YOUR DIVINE PRESENCE. Master Meditation trains you in the 7 x 30 minute meditations which open the 7 levels of Divine Connection.

          Your 7 levels of Divine Connection are:

  1. From June 2016 onwards, 25 -30 mentors and teachers, will be faciliting live events, webinars and private mentor sessions that are specifically focused on assisting you to build your Divine Connection, via sharing the 7 Core Teachings of the Divine University. You may be drawn to meet with Qala for one of her retreats or spiritual pilgrimages, or with one of the amazing Mentors/Teachers of the Divine University Collective, and receive the transmissions of the 7 Core Teachings and their special group teachings.
  2. In 2016, you may receive Private Mentoring from a Divine University Teacher or Mentor, or register for one of Qala Sri'ama's Programs of New Education. In the future from your Membership page, you may view all of Qala's Programs as they are each made available through the Library. Teachings and programs will be added as new Sirius Library services expand to touch more hearts on Earth between 2016 - 2022.
  3. In September 2016, you may become a student of the Divine University of Light, by joining Qala's Self Mastery Program for 6 or 12 months.
  4. In 2017, you may become an intermeditate student of the Divine University by joining a Pod for a one year training with the Enlightened Masters through either The Self Mastery School of Tantra, The Self Mastery School of Empowerment and Creation, or The Self Mastery School of The Loving Presence.