The beauty and grace we come to earth to bear witness to, is discovered in one moment when you know God within you. In every heart, lay the holy spirit flame of love, light and creation, but how do we access this to meet God-Source within?

Is it a test of our faith to find ourselves in a state of lacking grace, or is it a journey of discovery of what lies within our being? Are you tested or are you on a journey?

On the journey, we may find the light and love we need in every moment, for anything. On the journey we can discover the gifts and blessings we have brought to the earth to give to the Mother. May your journey be one of gratitude, humility, inner strength and remembrance of HOW YOUR SOUL HOLDS ALL YOU NEED ALREADY, in the form of love and light inside your being.

Trepidations on the path bring a soul to a state of questioning what is really important in life, and are they placing their energy and light into the most important matters of their heart, or are they looking for something that cannot be accomplished or found and can only be brought to their being?

Our love and light is the alchemy of our soul when made as the priority in life and our life is then no longer a quest but is experienced deeply, profoundly, and all that is to be gifted to our soul, simply manifests.

So many feel though, they are in some kind of waiting room, waiting for their path to change, gifts to come to them, all to be brought into a state of peace for them. Yet only the alchemy of the light and love of one’s soul can instigate one to leave the waiting room and cross the threshold of the heart, into the LIVING room… where life is lived to the fullest and the alchemy of one’s love and light begins to emote and create motion and manifestation, and the journey becomes the great discovery of one’s true nature in life.

When we leave the waiting room, we are no longer waiting to receive what we seek, and in the LIVING room of our life, our love and light brings to us that which we are ready to receive.

This love and light you carry, lays inside the base of your heart as YOUR ETERNAL FLAME, and learning how to liberate it, gifts the discovery of your HEART, the power of it, and the beauty and grace that flows into your life through it. If there was an understanding or truth to share with every child on the earth, it would be that they have this eternal flame and it is their link and connection to all of life in every dimension.

Expanding the Eternal Flame of your Heart dissolves painful soul memories and liberates a Soul to OPEN THEIR HEART. May the eternal flame of your Soul, be activated by the Light of God-Source. Call for your eternal flame to build each day and very soon, your heart will be blessing every part of your reality.

To live in your heart, seems so easy as an idea, but the eternal flame must be blazing from within the base of your heart to keep your heart open each day.

Learning to Activate your Eternal Flame is a part of Learning to Open your Divine Connection and to be supported in this, consider receiving the MASTER MEDITATION classes.

All my love and blessings,

Qala Sri’ama Phoenix