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The Gentle Nature of Your Soul


The Gentle nature of our Soul is experienced when we activate our feminine energy. Let us fall in love with our feminine energy today by opening more deeply to the gentle, soft and sweet aspects of life that Mother Earth has to offer us.

Mother Nature opens our hearts and reconnects us to the feminine nature of our being. Mother Earth is our powerful guide to what is true for us in life.

How sweet and gentle the love is, we receive, when we take the time to connect more deeply with Mother Earth. This special time grants us an increased level of feminine energy through our field. The more we connect to the natural world, the more our feminine energy flows.

When we are in touch with our feminine energy, it changes our life experience, softens it and brings in life's sweet blessings and grace. As we get more in touch with our feminine energy, we are more receptive and receive more of life's gentle energies. Mother Earth and her beautiful nature gives us the feminine power when we sit in nature. As we sit in nature, listening to the birds and trees and silence and sounds that carry such harmony, it brings harmony to our being.

Your Receptivity, Compassion and Connection to Mother Nature

It is the gentle heart of your soul that has all the love you need to create a greater flow in areas of your life. This gentleness is your feminine, and so go inside gentlly to make contact with your source of feminine energy.

You cannot miss this soft gentle energetic experience if you approach it slowly, with kindness, respect, and you take your time to relax and connect to your inner heart flame slowly, remembering to take the approach that what you are connecting to, is precious and sacred.

As you walk in life, there may be moments when you feel less connected to this gentle, loving energy, your feminine within. This is the time to slow down, connect with all more slowly, see the natural order of life, and synchronise your energy to mother nature in your surroundings.

This is not only your time to return to your heart, but your time to return to Gaia's heart. It is the time to take your burdens, worries or feelings, discordant energies into Gaia’s heart. This is the time to stop all you are doing as it may only create more stress, and simply be with the Mother Earth for a short time, to reconnect. When you go inside and slow down your energy, you become more receptive, and what opens your receptivity most is the power of Gaia's heart - her pure love and divine energy. As you receive more of Gaia's feminine power and love, you will soften and melt more inside your own being.

Mother Earth’s heart is a gigantic vortex of love which carries the power of the Void, the formless source of all life. It can dissolve all other energies and transform them to pure love. Through opening your heart to Mother Gaia’s heart, and offering her your feelings, she can purify them with her flames of divine love.

This is a process of surrender and opens the feminine within... this flow of feminine energy, the gentle love inside of you.

When life feels harsh, unkind or simply missing its greater meaning, this is the time to connect more deeply to the feminine through walking in nature and sitting and connecting your heart to Mother Gaia’s, and earthing your heart to connect with the Earth Mother's heart, her core.

As soon as you begin to make a deep connection to Gaia's heart with the light of your Heart, The Ancient Ones will come around you in their etheric bodies of light, and even though you may not see or hear them, you will sense the power of Gaia with you. You will begin to sense a Greater Presence of The Ancient Timeless Energies and you will receive feminine power and greater energy from Gaia and her Emissaries.

Open your heart to her heart by simply making a connection to the light inside of you, and with your intention, send your heart energy, this light, down into the earth core, and call on Gaia to assist you to open your feminine to trusting your path in life again, and to give over all burdens and receive the love again. Imagine the light of your heart streaming down into the Earth core and her light streaming back up and wrapping around your heart.

It is the feminine nature of your being that may close down when things seem harsh or lacking in meaning, beloved. In a world of business, a world economically driven that at times, seems to miss the heart connection, you may experience the sensation of missing the feminine energy and gentleness, softness and sweetness that Mother nature provides.

Know this can be a very normal reaction to our world's management systems, which need to be upgraded and activated TO RESONATE WITH MOTHER EARTH'S HEART VIBRATION, AND OUR COLLECTIVE'S AWAKENING TO THEIR TRUE ROLE AS CARETAKERS OF THE EARTH. Until WORLD PEACE is experienced, it is best to remember we, as humanity, are all learning, and to hold compassion for ourselves and hold faith in our fellow humanity to awaken their Heart Energy.

Due to this possibly taking place in the lifetimes of future generations, your feminine energy is your key to living in compassion with yourself and all beings. Compassion for the ignorance, and compassion for the choices made that are not aligned to HEART RESONANCE.

Your true compassion will ignite inside you when you reconnect to the feminine within by linking your heart with Gaia’s and offering up all burdens to her that you may carry within. Take your time to simply be in heart connection and physical connection with the nature of Mother Earth, and you will integrate all you need to integrate from your time in what may seem, as the busy world - the busy world of humanity and our society, our family and community. It is in these moments you take in life, that allow your feminine energy to flow and release your kindness, love, compassion, gentleness and sweetness through the next part of your life experience.

Through linking your heart with Gaia and receiving her love, your feminine will be fed her power and love. This gentle love inside of you will open again and you will be able to see all in your life with more compassion. For this is the gift you carry in your feminine heart, the gift of compassion. It creates a flow of love through all of your busy world, and will create you to enjoy life via the opening of your gentleness, beloved.

Remember you are this gentleness, and this is a part of your essence. Have compassion for yourself when you may become stressed from your busy world and from any lack of flow in your feminine energy. Simply reconnect so you may de-stress and experience life with more compassion for yourself and the busy world.

Have compassion for others who may be stressed, angry or frustrated around you or with you, and learn not to take the stress, frustrations or projections from others, personally. Remember you have your heart connection, and when you have enough feminine energy flowing through your heart, you can always embrace, love and live in compassion for yourself and all others.

The Doorway to Love and Peace - Your Open Heart Jo...
Archangel Michael's Spiritual Blessing


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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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