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October 2018 Heart Portal Energybody Upgrade


This Heart Portal Energy Body Upgrade for October 2018 is created for you by Lelama Sjamar, International Teacher of the Divine University, in this 60 minute recording, in the embrace of the energies of the Mother Nile river in Egypt. This Divine Journey and meditation invites you to remember and reclaim the PURITY AND LIGHTNESS OF THE DIVINE CHILD HEART within you.

In this HeartPortal Upgrade you will receive visitations from The Holy Mother, the Angels and Archangels of the Divine Child Heart Temple, Mary, Maitreya, the Star Dolphins from Alcyone who will bring 3 dispensations that will assist you to give space to THE INFINITE YOUTHFULNESS AND GENTLENESS IN YOUR SOUL’S TRUE ESSENCE AND LIGHTEN UP YOUR LIFE.


In this sacred 60 minute session, you will be guided to open your Heart Flame and initiate the journey with the energy of your beautiful smile and open heart, that invites the Universe to respond to you in support of your Divine Child Heart’s intention to UPLIFT and UNIFY.

The 1st Dispensation you receive is THE VIOLET FEATHERS OF LIGHTNESS from The Holy Mother and Her Angels. The Holy Mother takes you into the Sacred Temple of the Divine Child Heart. Her Angels bring to you the Violet Feathers of Lightness that tickle you every so gently, stroke your skin, your ears, your eyelids, your hands, your feet. Then they gently enter into your Heart, your Sacral, your Mind, to open every part of your being to the LIGHTNESS THAT IS YOUR SOUL’S TRUE ESSENCE.

This brings a PERPETUAL SMILE upon your lips, in your eyes, in your heart.

They bring this Perpetual Smile into every organ, every chakra, every Diamond Plate, every particle in your energy field and body. From this place FORGIVENESS IS NATURAL AND EASY.

The 2nd Dispensation you receive is THE ELIXIRS OF EFFERVESCENCE AND JOY from Mary, Maitreya and the Celestial Mothers. Mary and Maitreya take you into the Source Pool of Love at the base of your Heart Chakra from where your Holy Spirit Flame of Love arises. The Celestial Mothers come and bathe you in the Elixirs of Effervescence and Joy. As they baptise you, by taking you fully under into the base of the Source Pool, any tightness, tiredness, tension is washed off you. The Elixirs flush through your being, through every chakra, every cell, every gland and through all 12 dimensions of your Heart and through all 7 lower bodies of your energy body - your Soul, genetic, physical, dreaming, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

As you are taken into the Source Pool the Elixirs purify your whole being and heart, until you are fully aware of YOUR PURITY AS A DIVINE CHILD OF GOD.

The 3rd Dispensation you receive is THE STARS OF DIAMOND DREAMING from Sananda and the Star Dolphins from Alcyone. As Sananda opens the door for the Rivers of Love to flow from the heavens into your Source Pool of Love, the Star Dolphins fill the Source Pool with Stars in all colours of the Rainbow, and bring the Stars of Diamond Dreaming into every one of your 12 primary chakras – your life sparkles, as they sound the keys and codes that ignite within you the DIAMOND DREAMING, THE HIGHEST FREQUENCY DREAMING OF YOUR PURE DIVINE CHILD HEART.

You receive frequencies to awaken the original and highest Star Dreaming your Soul birthed with here on Earth, from the Source Pool of Love.

Your Divine Child Heart dreams… What do you receive from the Divine Child within you? This may come in energy, in sounds, in sensations, in words, in images, in gestures, in actions and deeds.

Let yourself be the Divine Child, trust the Purity of your Heart… really give yourself permission to, and allow the Violet Feathers, the Elixirs of Effervescence and Joy and the Star Dolphins to help you, to play with you… for the Divine Child to flow through you.

Open to the PLAYFULNESS, YOUTHFULNESS AND GENTLENESS inside of you, let it come alive, let it fill you and move through you, let it out.

When you really give yourself over to this for 10 min, you may let yourself come to silence and receive… receive the highest Diamond Dreaming that the Divine Child Heart within you holds for you, sees for you, gives to you, gives through you to the world. Become aware of this, listen, allow, speak about it, act on it… FLOW WITH THE DIVINE CHILD HEART WITHIN YOU and FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR SELF AND YOUR LIFE AND ALL OF LIFE AROUND YOU, as a new perspective births within you.

Namaste, Blessed Be the Highest Dreaming of the Divine Child Heart within you, within all beings. Blessed Be All Beings, Blessed Be The Earth, Blessed Be.

With all our Love,

Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar

International Teacher of The Divine University


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