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Message from the Heart of the World on Earth Day

Message from the Heart of the World on Earth Day Message from the Heart of the World on Earth Day

We the Mamos from our Sacred House in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, invite all brothers and sisters whom this message reaches, to enter a moment of contemplation and inner reunion to connect our souls and hearts forming a platform of light at the point where the divine spark lies, and where the wisdom of the unchangeable laws unite with the Whole to balance our Mother Earth and to balance us as One Humanity.

In the Arhuaco language, Zaku means Mother, and for the Mamos, Zaku is also the hologram of a cosmic universe that is at the same time our inner universe. Being a hologram, this means that what happens at the level of each of us as individuals or as humanity is also reflected at the level of the Sierra (Niwi Umuke), the planet (Niwi Umukin), the cosmos and the universe.

Zaku is also Mother Earth (Niwi Umukin), and is the cosmic Chukimurwa universe where lightning, thunder, the colors of the rainbow, the father Sun, Bunkwakukwi and the Moon dwell. Zaku is individual and is universal, is everything and at the same time is One.

Zaku also represents the natural world and is also our ancestral, cultural, and spiritual territory. It is the pyramidal mountain, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, along with its four original peoples: the Arhuacos, the Kogis, the Wiwas, and the Kankuamos, who call the Sierra the Heart of the World. Each original people represents a cardinal point and, at the same time, a chamber of the heart where the four elements of existence are anchored: air, fire, earth, and water. The Mamos are ordinary and normal people, but we have the task of carrying in our essence the ancient wisdom of our ancestral culture. We can dialogue with our sacred Zaku both day and night and hear her lament every time we extract her minerals, blood, coal, or when we take prisoner our elder brothers of the natural world, violating the rights of the waters, forests, and all elements in the natural kingdoms.

As Mamos, we also have the responsibility to balance humanity, as we are empowered by Zaku’s Ga’kunamu, the word, the message, the language of the Mother. For us, the living language, the Ga’kunamu, of Zaku is in the soil, the stones, the plants, the trees, the water, the wetlands, the rivers, the animals, the sea, and the breeze.

Our message in this moment of storm, of learning, of reflection, has to do with a profound change in human consciousness, in the vision of each one of us to ensure the protection of life in all its ways and forms, in invoking our spiritual greatness so that when we have survived this collective crisis, we will have already learned to live with the universal consciousness, not from a concept or a word, but from the action based on unconditional love that maintains a total reverence for life. It is from there that humanity will rise with the spiritual greatness that must define and champion it.

Mother Earth is the Mother (Niwi Umukin), our Zaku. We were born from her insides and feed on the abundance of her breasts. Father Sun Bunkwakukwi fertilizes her and the moon marks the time of the sowing, of the harvest, of the cycles of change in all beings.

During the times of eclipse the alignment of the three: sun, moon and the earth determines a particular law that must govern humanity, nature and Zaku according to their universal position.

Zaku communicates with herself, with the cosmos (Chukimurwa) and with Bunkwakukwi and the three of them in turn talk to us the Mamos, in our sacred places, in the kaduko (sacred site), day by day not only of what happens in the heart of the world , but also about what happens with humanity, with nature and with the cosmos.

The three work together to balance the feminine and masculine, the positive and the negative forces creating the balance mentioned in the Law of Origin, the Universal Law of Order.

That is why, for us the Mamos, Earth Day is every day because every day of our existence Zaku talks to us about her word and her wisdom, which we can access through our own Marunzamas (our elements of power).

Now, we invite you to open your hearts to Zaku to reconnect with ourselves through reconciliation with the other, with the elemental brothers of plants and birds, of mountains, of breezes and of waters. We declare ourselves one in the love of The New Era. This reunion entails enormous changes that are happening right now around us and that will continue for some time beyond in the future.

We open our hearts to the powerful energies that come with these changes, we embrace them in light and in love.
We open our hearts to the light of the pandemic that is accompanying us and forcing us to stop on the path of reconciliation before continuing the pilgrimage as a new humanity in close contact with, and respect for, nature along the path of love.

Together in this reflection we embrace Zaku in a circle to expand the love we feel for her. Thus, together in love, connected to the Sierra we consecrate ourselves as the guardians of Mother Earth, guardians of sacred wisdom, of the existence of life, of the clouds, of the stars, of the mountains.
We dedicate ourselves to the service of light to care for and maintain the joy and innocence of children, the protection of the homeless, the displaced and those who have lost everything in the advance of the shadow. All of them invite us to exercise our generosity, compassion and detachment.

We accept and recognize that nothing changes randomly within the divine and universal laws that guide and direct us towards the path of light and love, our path and our common destiny as one humanity. Everything has a divine purpose and meaning.

We recognize and accept with a humble heart that universal laws are embodied in the hearts of all human beings from the spiritual world and that they must be our compass on the sacred pathway of life.

Together Mamos and little brothers we reconcile with the light, with the universe, with life to start the journey towards the new dawn, carrying in our hearts the seed of love and hope.

At the end of this period of social isolation, we will wake up to that new dawn together with the sunlight, in the encounter with Mother Earth to allow the emergence of life through the balance between the positive and the negative, the masculine and the feminine, in spirit and in matter.

We respect all wisdom framed within the totality. Because totality means life, wisdom and nature. Thus, together with the Mamos of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, we declare ourselves One with the essence and One with the whole, reconciling ourselves with the universal laws.

Duni. (thank you)

Mamos Dwawiku Izquierdo, and Luis Eduardo Malo Crespo
Mamos from the Arhuaco Community of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Compiled and translated by: Amanda Bernal-Carlo of the Great Balance Organization

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© Compiled and translated by: Amanda Bernal-Carlo of The Great Balance Organization

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