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How to Build Your Love & Peace & Immune Systems Strength Simultaneously

How to Build Your Love & Peace & Immune Systems Strength Simultaneously How to Build Your Love & Peace & Immune Systems Strength Simultaneously

Did you Know that your Body’s Wellness & Immune System is activated by the Energy Vibration of Energy Core, Energy Field & by the Love Quotient in each cell of your body?


How does the Biochemistry of your Body and your Mind work together to shed fear?

Every cell in your body is directly contacted by your consciousness, your light and your intelligence. This is taking place via the transmissions of your brain to the rest of your body through your nervous system. When fear is held in the cells of your body or nervous system, the communication between your mind and body is filtered by fear.

Imagine you are walking along a path and suddenly there is a crossroad with no signage and you have no idea which road to take and you feel lost all of a sudden and you miles from any other person or place. Fear of the unknown can guide you to take the road that is larger, or easier to see as fear can you guide you to what seems to be the obvious or most easily seen - the one that "seems" to be more safe. But if it is a strong fear of the unknown that you hold, fear may also could cloud your vision of both roads, so you take the road that the fear wants you to take, and it could be to backtrack, or move ahead but usually it is fear's choice.  

It is similar in the biochemistry of the body, when fear is present, fear can filter the messages, communications from your mind & brain to your body affecting the pathways our energy. Fear and stress can filter our nervous system's ability to carry messages through our body and fear can become locked inside the nervous system of our body. Fear can also build itself and bury itself and hide itself in the living systems of your physical body, within your organs and within specific anatomical systems. When fear is buried in your body or nervous system it can influence your mind deeply. When fear is held deeply in different regions of the body, messages are sent back from these areas of the body to your brain and transmitted through your field, and your mind receives these messages as negative thoughts that match the fear vibration held in your physical body.

Yet you are Divine beloved and even in the presence of fear, the most powerful force influencing your body is your Consciousness.

It is more powerful than any other element, fear, virus or contagion that may enter or live within your body when you have access it

What you think shall be? Your thoughts create your reality. But is it that simple really?

Your consciousness is the most powerful influence on your body and it is true that your thoughts create your reality but because Love must be present in every cell, to ground your consciousness and your higher communication into each cell, your mind and consciousness cannot change your body’s biochemistry if your body is not holding enough love vibration.

Love is the glue for every cell of your body that allows your cells to communicate as one living loving organism.

Your mind’s focus is able to change and heal your body if there is enough love vibration in each cell of your body.

Your consciousness is the most powerful influence on your reality and your body,

but if there is not enough love in the cells of your body, your biochemistry cannot change beloved.

Fear is the only energy that prevents the Love from building.

How does Fear rise up into our Minds from our Body?

Every cell in your body can be infused with Love and as this occurs, one layer of fear is transmuted and the rest of the fear is pushed towards the surface of your body and mind, and into the surface of your consciousness. When you carry enough love within your being, your consciousness can easily filter this fear or these fear based messages out, but if you do not carry enough love in your body or mind, as the fear rises to the surface of your being, fear thoughtforms can over power your mind and you can begin to become anxious or distrust, and begin to lose your clarity and focus. When there is enough love in your body, the fear releases and leaves you easily but this can take time, patience and forgiveness as building the love vibration in the physical body is a deep process.

How can we neutralize the Fear in our body chemistry?

When you receive Love and specific formulas of Light that benefit the cells of your body, the fear can shift in an accelerated way. For the fear to dissolve, deactivate or neutralize, it requires special formulas of light as well as love infusions to fill the whole energy system regularly.

When you receive this regularly, you bypass the natural process of fear reaching the surface of your mind and instead experience a more heightened or expanded or empowered sense of yourself and the experience of deep peace and love.

Neutralising the fear can also occur simply through resting your mind in a unified state of higher consciousness. People meditate and purify their minds, bodies and energy for many years to be able to reach these higher states of consciousness. Each time our mind rests in a higher state of consciousness, we bypass the fear held in the physical body and if you rest your mind in this higher state for a number of hours, your body during this time is fed with divine love and light which does support the transformation of your body’s vibrational and chemistry.

How do Divine Love & Special Light Infusions of Q-Light Channel change the Biochemistry of our Mind & Body?

When you receive a true infusion of divine love into your field, core and body there is a signal ignited or switch that is called the natural healing mechanism. This spiral force, when switched on powerfully, unites all cells, all aspects of one’s energy and field to unify as one.

A sychronistic experience occurs when the spiral force or natural healing mechanism receives the divine infusions of love and special formulas of light. The whole energy and physical system raises in vibration together and layers of fear from all systems transforms to light and love allowing the body, core and field to stabilize to this higher unified vibration. When this occurs, your body, mind and being feels united and whole. In this state, disease cannot grow and fear cannot grow or guide your being. The more you enter this state of mind, the more your body is controlled and held by your Higher Self to have health and well-being or heal any disease or combat any virus.

How is the Body’s Immune System strengthened quickly?

With divine love infusions & specialized formulas of light vibration from the Quantum Field, your body’s immune system will be stimulated and activated to higher levels of function each day you receive the Quantum Energy Sessions.

The more love vibration grounded into every cell of your body, the stronger your immune system shall be. The higher the vibration of love in each cell, the stronger the function of every cell. Your Immune System can be synchronized to communicate clearly with the rest of your body. When the energy core is low, the immunity and strength of protection to combat virus’s or contagion's is also low.

The lower the love vibration of your body and energy core is directly affects the ability for your immune system's function and can cause the immune system's function to be lower than you need to combat any illness or imbalance in your body. When your energy core is fed and raised in vibration with the rest of your energy system, it builds your immune system to powerfully strengthen. 

Within 12 weeks of receiving daily infusions of Quantum Energy Session, you can build your immunity to be the strongest it has been.

Within another 12 weeks of receiving 25 minute daily Quantum Energy Sessions, you can build your Immunity to offer your supercharged masterful protection.

Why is the Body’s energy core, cellular function & energyfield essential in the equation of Surviving Life’s problems or Loving your Life fully?

Your Energy system is made of 3 essential components and each are equal to each other and marry together produce energy, thoughts, feelings and the complete biochemistry of your physical body & energy system that houses your body, mind, soul and spirit. These 3 components are:

  1. The physical component of the cells and organs and anatomical systems of your physical body.
  2. The soul component of your energy core, which is housed in your physical body feeding your body with consciousness and light and intelligence.
  3. The spiritual component which is your energy field or energy body which contains your spirit which can only be limited by your beliefs.
    • When your energy core is low in vibration, you will feel low and have little energy, Your cells will have lower protection and your mind will be more active, worried or fearful.
    • When your energy field is low in vibration, you will change in accordance to your environment and everything around you will be influencing you, your decisions, and your beliefs, and your life experience, You will have little will or direction. You are easily influenced by everything around you.
    • When your cellular matrix is low in vibration, you will become unloving, more self-centred, and find it difficult to experience deep long lasting peace and happy relationships and you will want space from others as you will feel sensitive to other people’s energy.
    • When all 3 are low in vibration, you will feel lost or confused, insecure and unstable, lose confidence and become fearful when others speak of issues you cannot control or do not have answers to.
    • Outbursts of Anger, Sadness, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Control Issues, Self–Abuse & Emotional Pain can be alleviated by raising the vibrational frequency of your whole energy system. These are all side symptoms of lower vibrational frequencies overtaking your energy system and taking your energy system out of balance.

You may feel you are trapped in playing the game or your part in the Rat Race in life, feel you are functioning in survival mode or living via Surviving Life’s Issues if the vibrational matrix of your energy system is vibrating a lower frequency than your true Soul Frequency. This experience is created by the vibrational frequency of your energy system and you can change this easily with a choice, a little dedication and some divine assistance.

You will feel higher levels of love and peace and have access to the truth of your soul and live a soul centred life when the vibrational matrix of your energy system is vibrating at the level of your true Soul Frequency or at a higher frequency. The higher the vibrational frequency you carry in your whole energy system, the higher you feel about your life and the world.

As you raise the vibrational frequency of your whole energy system, you become happier and clearer and Love blossoms within you and guides you. You are no longer part of the rat race, or in survival mode or surviving life’s issues and burdens. You are resting in a vibration above this & living a Soul Guided Life that is unique and in divine order for your being.

How can you Achieve this Higher Vibration through your whole energy system?

With the support of the Enlightened Ones, Q-Light Channel has been created to offer you daily love infusions and Quantum Light Frequency infusions within 25 minute sessions. These special formulas are designed by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix, from her extensive knowledge, wisdom and 22 years experience of mastering the energy science of human energy system and mastering the delivery of love and light infusions directly into the human energy system to raise the consciousness and energy of humanity.

The Q- Light Channel Quantum Lift-offs and Top-ups are offered via monthly subscription, You can receive 3, 6 or 12 new Quantum Energy Sessions each month depending on your level of commitment. Each one is a specialized formula of divine energy, and a unique love infusion into different areas of your whole energy system, all 3 components. Each energy session is unique and has a specific higher purpose and offers a kickstart and shapeshift to greater peace and love each day. Each session needs to be received 3 times to allow it to truly activate and lift the layers of fear from the body and infuse the full power of love into the cells of your body. 

The Quantum Energy Sessions are delivered in bundles of 3 sessions – with one Quantum Energy Lift-off that lifts the next layer of fear and one Quantum Energy Top-Up that raises the vibration of the whole energy system to build more love and light within your energy system and body. The third component is a Master Key Session which infuses quantum energy via a short meditation created to guide your mind to connect with the quantum field of oneness, and to raise in consciousness.

This masterful package is offered to everyone and anyone can sign-up. You may join the starter package each month and receive 3 recordings to listen to over your month, or sign up for the higher support which moves deeper through your energy systems and builds even more love, light and power inside your energy system. The higher level subscriptions offer 6 or 12 new quantum sessions each month so you may make a larger shift each week or fortnight.


Join The Q-Light Channel


It takes only 25 minutes each day & shall kickstart & shapeshift your Day!

Raising in Vibration has never been Easier! 




© Qala Sri'ama Phoenix

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