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​Gift of the Higher Lightbody


A lightbody is an energetic body full of divine light carrying frequencies, geometries, codes, sounds that when merging with your heart chakra opens your being and transforms your life.

It holds enlightened wisdom and love from the Divine within you that brings a new higher perspective about your life.

This is a divine gift that you receive when you are opening your consciousness and your heart chakra to let go of all veils, illusions, disharmonies, blockages, sabotages to liberate yourself from limitation so you may expand and create new potentials in life.

A lightbody activates through your heart chakra when you begin the journey of opening your spiritual path of inner love and liberation. In truth there is an infinite amount of lightbodies that you can receive, in divine timing according to the spiritual contracts of your path and the expansion of your being.

A lightbody cannot be requested, it is received and activated in divine timing, when you are energetically ready for it, and at times you may not be consciously aware of this happening. It is an alchemical process, gently moving you away from the mind and ego personality being the director of life.

A higher lightbody is an enlightened consciousness of your greater nature that brings higher truths, understandings, cellular changes and mental realignment to a bigger vision for your life. When merging with a higher lightbody you receive more love, clarity and empowerment.

As the integration of a lightbody occurs you begin to recreate and upgrade your reality.

In the Lotus Heart Enlightenment Retreat 4 higher light bodies will be received and activated. Deep loving support will be provided to assist you in your integration in accordance to Divine Plan and timing.

We invite you to join Anaan, Zamara, and Saajz Azura in Bali this November for the Lotus Heart Enlightenment Retreat.

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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