Divine Support in a Time of Global Crisis Divine Support in a Time of Global Crisis


"THE HEART PORTAL PORTAL" is one of the greatest INSTANT FORMS OF SUPPORT you can receive in your life everyday, during this Global Crisis, and it is FREE.

What is the Heart Portal?

The Heart Portal is a powerful energy field of Divine Love Vibration, that can be activated in one minute to expand 6 metres in every direction around you to infuse Divine Love through your Energy Field. The Heart Portal supports you to stay in a connected heart space in your life. When you are connected to the Heart of your Soul, you are connected to yourself and you can receive love. We all need love during this deep transition period.

It is Simple and Easy to Use.

It's easy to activate the HEART PORTAL around your body. It takes two simple steps: 1. Join the Free Heart Portal Membership on The Sirius Library website. 2. Say the "3 line Invocation" that opens the Heart Portal around you, and in less than a minute, the energy field will change all around you and you will be in a higher field of love and protection.

How can it Benefit your Family?

When you open the Heart Portal around you, everyone within 6 metres of your heart chakra are also supported by this loving environmental energy. This can relieve tension and stress for others, or simply support them to be calmer and more peaceful.

Where can you use the Heart Portal?

Anywhere, anytime for any reason as long as you are in the one room, or space. You can use it to change the vibration of your environment, and create a field of protection from negativity when you are watching the news, reading, cooking, meditating, sleeping, working, and when you go to a new place. You just need to stay within the same space. It will collapse if you move too much and leave the space. Anyone in the Heart Portal Field will also be protected from lower vibrational energies.

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