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Cleanse Your Energybody


The following prayer and decree will cleanse your energy body, of unresolved feelings, thoughts and fears, so you can then raise your vibration and sustain your true frequency of light.

Beloved God-Source/Great Spirit,

I call on my Divine Presence and all my higher light Guides to open the energy field around me and to place me into A LIGHT CHAMBER OF PURIFICATION AND CLEANSING, so I may open my energy more to my Highest Potential Reality.

I call for the cosmic white flame to blaze through my crystal core, my hara, base, heart, brow and crown, and my central pillar of chakras now.

I call for the violet flame to blaze through my crystal core, my hara, base, heart, brow, crown and my central pillar of chakras now.

I call for the platinum and golden rays to blaze through my crystal core, my brain, my hara, base, heart, brow, crown, central pillar of chakras and my physical body now.

I call for the following love and light technologies to activate through me in divine order for my being. I call on the wheel of grace, the wheel of love, the wheel of karmic absolution, the disc of depolarization, the voidal disc, the violet discs of transformation, the arcs of spectrum rainbow frequency, the law of forgiveness, the law of love, the law of oneness, the law of grace, the law of divinity, the law of karma, the law of liberty to activate through my chakras, crystal core, central pillar, my spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric, physical, genetic and soul bodies in divine order for my being to cleanse and purify all of my energy.

Say this prayer 3 times, and then GIVE THANKS FOR THIS DIVINE ASSISTANCE and sit for 5 minutes as the divine energy cleanses through your being.

On completion say the words:

I ask my energy field be sealed with love and the light of God-Source. I ask for my energy field to be protected and sealed so I may feel safe to open my energy to the beauty and light in all environments I enter.
Blessed Be. Blessed Be All Beings. Blessed Be All Beings!

If you feel empty after sitting for 5 minutes and wish to align your energy to your true frequency of light, go to the blog – ACTIVATE YOUR FREQUENCY OF LIGHT, so you may receive the next level of support.

Activate Your Frequency of Light
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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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