Become a M.O.T.H.E.R Project Emissary

We welcome you to Join us in helping the Mamos with their important work as Caretakers of The Heart of the World and the balance of life on Mother Earth.

Follow your Heart, if you would love to help the Mamos' love and wisdom reach many more people.

Your contribution of Loving Service shall make a HUGE difference to the Mamos and Mother Earth!

You may contribute through any of the following Loving Acts of Service

  • Spread the message and invitation to the Mamos' Webinars, so more people can be touched by the Mamos' love and wisdom (the webinars are free)
  • Link your network with the Mamos and The Mother Project via sending emails with the Mamos' messages, and The Mother Project News to your contacts
  • Create events for fundraising for the purchase of Sacred Sites, the Mamos Pilgrimages or expenses for the raising and education of the new Mamos (children who will become Mamos)
  • Translate the Mamos' messages into other languages

May Love flow through your Heart abundantly to Guide you in your Service to Mother Earth

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