The Divine University

The Divine University
invite you to our beautiful event

Be a Bridge of Light

24 - 26 April 2021

(Sydney, Australia AEST)

In the company of angels
Rest in the field of pure grace
Welcome the immense divine assistance
The angels shall bring to you to activate your bridge of light


(The LIVE EVENT is subject to any Covid restrictions applicable at the time.
You will be notified by email of any changes.)

(mp3 audio downloads are provided for all events)

The event date has arrived!

Beloved soul family,

We are light, brilliant and powerful! We are eternal soul! We arrived on this planet with one chakra, our heart, and as we birthed into human form, we grew chakras, each a facet of our divinity, each holding a purpose and power within our life.

Imagine if we understood this original design that grew inside us without our knowing! Imagine if we then cared for it, as much as we care for our most precious loves! Imagine if we knew how!

Imagine if we invited the angels to assist us to own and ‘power up’ our divinely designed chakras to the next level of our human expression and creative potential!

The Divine University

Envision our world with our chakras illuminated, spiralling harmonically as a symphony of brilliant colour and heavenly sound, and the moment to moment expression of this light, so free, we share, shine and shower our brilliance upon each other and our entire world!

Our natural genius is set free.
This is the awakening of our beloved humanity!

The Divine University

Join the Divine University teachers,

Lelama Sjamar

Lelama Sjamar

AmaYa Ma Kumara

AmaYa Ma

Mareesha Ma

Mareesha Ma

in service with the Angelic Emissaries of Light, Archangel Michael, and the Family of Light

Brilliant living chakras of light

To ignite the kaleidoscope of your brilliant living chakras of light
Bridged to the Mother Earth
As a beacon of radiant Light
Bridging your light to all around you,
To light up our world!

Join us from anywhere in the world

Dear heart, we invite you to join us in these exciting and challenging times when we, as humanity, are in an unprecedented birthing process to reveal our greater human potential as warriors of love and bearers of the greatness of our light.

With all of our love, we invite you to:

  • Receive more light
  • Draw all your light back to you
  • Open, cleanse and ignite your chakras with light
  • Understand the power of your chakras
  • Create a strong bridge of light between your chakras
  • Increase the measure of light in your chakras
  • Be the conduit for your soul’s light, be clear and feel light
  • Be a bridge of light for all your connections, relationships, actions and communications
  • Raise the bar, beyond current belief in your capacity to carry and stream light through you, your life and our world
  • Understand the facet of divinity held within each chakra we focus upon

In the Wings of the Angels

In the Wings of the Angels

You shall be held, tended to with immense love and unconditionally accepted, filled with colour rays and raised into higher frequencies where deep cleansing shall take place with infusions and gifts of grace from the angels around you.

As you join us from anywhere in the world And give permission to the angels to be by your side, Angelic Emissaries will join you, focus upon you, place you in a chamber of light, invite you to honour yourself, to release, detach, let go, and work with you to set your light free to spiral through your chakras and be bridged into our Mother Earth.

Angels who know your soul shall open the sacred space around you and stay with you for the 3 days. They will anchor pillars of light around and through your chakras and respond to each of our prayers, bringing love, light, grace, peace, harmony, resolution and balance to open us to the next level of our divine human capacity to love, and seed the light of truth into all.

Our Angelic family of light, await your invitation beloved heart, to assist you through the pristine purity of their hearts, in the highest service to all!

The Divine University

The Be a Bridge of Light Program

What can this program do for you?

  • Clear your chakras to assist you to direct your life with your pure light
  • Deepen your connection to yourself and others, for greater emotional wellbeing
  • Turn on the switch of positivity to enhance your creative endeavours and focuses in life
  • Reveal gifts previously hidden within your chakras
  • Strengthen your comforting relationship with your eternal Source within
  • Empower your soul to melt walls, traverse through challenges and rebirth yourself through multitudes of oneness experiences
  • Enable you to process your life experiences with more ease via your strengthened chakra bridge

As you join us in a great circle of light for this event with the Angels, Archangel Michael and his flaming sword of truth, and the Family of Light, much can shift and turn around as we choose love, walk the path of service to the love within, and believe in our divine origin. Much can shift when we know that our return to the state of oneness beyond duality, is unequivocally supported by those who stayed in the light and serve us on this great adventure we are on, here with our Mother Earth.

Beloved heart, you will receive:

  • A high frequency, love imbued space, created by angels, in which you shall be held, cocooned and birthed anew, no matter where you are in the world
  • Light, love and sound infusions into your chakras and the bridges between chakras to lighten, brighten and enlighten them to the next octave of light
  • Harmonization and calibration of your bridge of light to the vibrational tones of your soul’s pure light
  • A deep connection to the Angelic Family of Light
  • High quality audio recordings of every session so you may continue the path of deepening soul embodiment through your divinely designed and brilliant chakra system

24 April 2021

9:20am - 6pm
Sydney Timezone (AEST)

Day of Tender Surrender

We dedicate this day to the free flow of light through our heart, crown and brow chakras and ignite the heart, brow and crown bridge.

25 April 2021

10:00am - 6pm
Sydney Timezone (AEST)

Day of Release and Peace

We dedicate this day to the free flow of light through our throat, solar plexus and hara chakras and ignite the heart to crown bridge, solar plexus to brow bridge, and hara to crown bridge.

26 April 2021

10:00am - 6pm
Sydney Timezone (AEST)

Day of Birthing and Earthing

We dedicate this day to the free flow of light through our sacral and base chakras. This day we open and birth a new and sparkling, lightened bridge of light between the base and crown and ground it into Mother Earth.

27 April 2021

10:45am - 2pm
Sydney Timezone (AEST)


Global Wesak Full Moon Meditation

In group heart, we travel spiritually in a merkabah of light to the Wesak Valley where we shall gather with our soul family in the holy presence of Buddha and the Enlightened Ones to receive the light, at the moment the full moon shall peak.

Registration & Fees

What are My Options for Receiving the 2021 BE A BRIDGE OF LIGHT Program?

Beloved Heart,

You may receive the Be a Bridge of Light Program via two options:

  1. The 3 Day BE A BRDIGE OF LIGHT Program: 24 – 26 April 2021 (You will also receive FREE Gift of the Wesak Full Moon Ceremony on 27 April 2021) via Online LIVESTREAM (includes audio recordings)
  2. The 3 Day BE A BRDIGE OF LIGHT Program: 24 – 26 April 2021 (You will also receive FREE Gift of the Wesak Full Moon Ceremony on 27 April 2021) via LIVE ATTENDANCE IN PERSON at Mullumbimby Civic Memorial Hall (includes audio recordings)  [REGISTRATION FOR LIVE ATTENDANCE NOW CLOSED.]

All events this year are via Online Livestream or Live Attendance in person at:

Mullumbimby Civic Memorial Hall, which is located in the Heart of the Byron Shire at:
55 Dalley St, Mullumbimby NSW 2482, Australia.

Audio Recordings

Each session will be recorded as high quality audio. The links to access the audio recordings will be sent via email. They will also be made available from your free Heart Portal membership page. This supports you to receive the program at a time that suits your time zone and schedule.

Select Registration Option:

Option 1 - Online Livestream - BE A BRIDGE OF LIGHT Program

Exchange: USD $333
  • Receive the Be a Bridge of Light Program – VIA ONLINE LIVESTREAM.
  • Audio recordings will also delivered as MP3 downloads within 6 hours after each day.
  • Dates: 24 - 27 April 2021 (Sydney, AEST)
  • - Day 1, Saturday 24 April, 9:20am - 6pm - Day of Tender Surrender
  • - Day 2, Sunday 25 April, 10:00am - 6pm - Day of Release and Peace
  • - Day 3, Monday 26 April, 10:00am - 6pm - Day of Birthing and Earthing
  • - FREE SPECIAL GIFT - Day 4, Tuesday 27 April, 10:45am - 2pm - WESAK Full Moon Ceremony World Linkup with Buddha and The Enlightened Ones
  • Payment plans are available - please use the contact form below to contact us for more information.
  • You may also be able to receive support from our Pay It Forward Fund - scroll down for more info.

Payment Plan

We have payment plans available for the Be a Bridge of Light Program (2-6 months).

Please use this contact form and we will email you details about this. Please note, requests for payments plans will close Sunday 11 April noon midday AEDT Sydney time..


The LIVE event will be subject to any COVID-19 restrictions in force at the event time. If the LIVE event cannot be held due to any change in government regulations or any unforeseeable change occurs, we will email new instructions as quickly as possible.

If circumstances change and the event may only be available through Online Livestream, we will send the information on how to join the Zoom Livestream and audio download links will be provided within 6 hours after the completion of each of the 3 days in the program.

You will also be given the opportunity to register for the Pillar Program to anchor a Pillar of Light in your home during the Wesak Ceremony.

Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward

Beloved heart, the Pay It Forward support system was instigated through the heart of the Divine University in 2020, at a time when a larger percentage of our brothers and sisters may have been financially challenged. It shall remain with us now as a Divine University initiative holding the principle of mutual support that serves all who give and receive via this system, to experience the divine energy of a WIN WIN for all.

May the sharing of resources within our global community, spread far and wide!

The Pay It Forward system relies on the charitable hearts and grace of others who gift funds with the single intention of anonymously supporting soul brothers or sisters to receive a program, event or meditation and be spiritually nourished.

As your charitable heart is ignited, we invite you to give the gift of grace of spiritual growth, to another.

May you receive countless blessings as you give from your charitable heart. We thank you for any contribution you are able to make.

Beloved heart, we are inviting those who are in true need, to charitably receive the Wesak Global Full Moon Ceremony Linkup or the Be a Bridge of Light program if additional funds are available. Please request this support with the understanding that we are simply facilitators for the hand and heart of God Source, to deliver this grace to you, recognizing that this system is dependent upon the charitable hearts of others.

We ask that this system be utilized by those who otherwise, have no possibility to attend, have very little income, are disadvantaged in some way and are calling on the grace of the divine to assist them to receive the Wesak Full Moon ceremony as their most heartfelt priority. We only request one thing of you; that your heart light be your guide. May you give countless blessings, the more you receive. We bless you to receive all you truly need in life.


Webinar Online Livestream – 3 Day BE A BRIDGE OF LIGHT Program

We are offering the events livestream via ZOOM and clear instructions will be provided how to easily join the live stream, these will be emailed 7 days prior to the event. All that is needed to join livestream is a computer or smartphone/tablet.

Wesak Ceremony - Audio

Audio links are provided within 6 hours on the completion of the livestream Wesak Full Moon Ceremony. The audios will be accessible through your personal membership page on the Sirius Library and via an email notification which will be sent once they are available. Buddha’s blessing can be received in its full potential up to 3 days after the Wesak Full Moon as it is co-created with the full moon frequencies. If you have been unable to attend the livestream ceremony we recommend the audio be downloaded and listened to within this time frame.

3 Day BE A BRIDGE OF LIGHT Program - Audios

Audio links are provided within 6 hours on the completion of the livestream of each of the 3 days. The audios will be accessible through your personal membership page on the Sirius Library and via an email notification which will be sent once they are available. We recommend listening to the audios within the great portal period which ends on the 4 May, if possible, in the order they were presented.


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We recommend you use the website to convert Sydney date and time to your own time zone.

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