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It is from the warmth and power of her Mother heart that Amaya co-creates Circles of Love and Liberation, in Presence, and delivers grace, truth and wisdom for the opening, healing, blessing and illlumination of a soul's heart. She is spiritual Soul Mother, teacher and guide for initiates of the Holy Mother path and is devoted to initiating the truth of the inner beauty, divine qualities, precious gifts and living light essence of a soul to be shared through their open heart.

As an ambassador for the Holy Mother and emissary for her Divine Presence and the Family of Light, Amaya specialises in the mastery of divine love as a spiritual path. Her unique specialty is God's love, the teachings and blessings of love and the full open heart, and the beauty and power of love as a path of liberty and evolution for our human heart, mind and soul. 

In 1999, Amaya began training with Sri’ama Qala, and continues to receive so much from this blessed work via Qala's Enlightened Master teachings, tours and programs. This work has birthed Amaya in a profound way, opening and revealing her gifts as a transmissional channel and directing her evolving path of world service. The Divine Mother World Prayer Program is a service project, birthing over the coming year, and will open as a portal and sanctuary of Prayer for our world through the heart of the Divine Mother. It's intention is to serve the renewal and beauty of our sacred hearts, minds, bodies and environments, and for those in need, to be nurtured, caressed, touched, softened, sweetened, blessed and illuminated by God's love.

Amaya serves internationally and offers retreats, teaching circles, webinars, trainings and personal sessions, and more recently, charitable assistance to women and girls in Mexico's prisons. During 2014/15, in co-facilitation with Qala, Amaya trained over 150 students to ground their Angelic Presence via the one year Self Mastery School of Loving Presence and is teaching a new, accredited 6 month Counsellor of Light practitioner training for Readers of the Akasha to a group of these students. In 2017, a further level of this school will be offered for the building of our hearts as channels of love. 

Personal Akashic record readings are available with Amaya to assist you to reclaim your power as a soul, build self realisation, raise your love vibration, evolve your consciousness, and soften, melt and lighten your heart for your soul’s greater ease in life. You may contact Amaya, regarding her individual session and group work at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Amaya's Work Testimonials

Amaya is a most beautiful teacher with a most exquisite, loving big heart. She is able to surround a group and individuals with immense love. To be with Amaya, one’s heart, melts. I am so grateful to feel such love, such compassion, acceptance and non-judgement in Amaya’s work and the group she facilitates. Amaya is very clear, precise and organised in the processes she is bringing forth. The Akashic training she offered on the 5 day retreat program is such a gift for transformation and healing in one's life, and the session work, a blessing for our families and humanity. I am so deeply touched and honoured to be doing this Akashic training through Amaya’s guidance, love and mentorship. Thank you.

Narrabeen, Australia

Receiving a personal Akasha reading from Amaya Ma is a beautiful celestial gift and blessing. In her loving majestic Presence, the heart opens wide in trust and confidence. With her compassionate spiritual eyes, she offers a precise Akashic heart reading, and with her unconditional love she guides you towards healing which goes on for days until the healing process completes. Amaya Ma is truly a divine Mother whose service and teachings, bathed me in the pure light and love of Holy Mother. Blessed be humanity, by having her here with us on Earth.

Geneva, Switzerland - Jurist & Light Worker

To put my experience of the three days I spent with Amaya in her Divine Mother Retreat into words, seems quite impossible. My heart has longed to be in a group again and experience deep connection to the Divine. My heart said yes to this Retreat, the second I saw a photo of Amaya. Amaya is a humble, beautiful spiritual teacher, capable of profound transmissions, only her beloved students can appreciate. I made connections to my Mother lineage and received understanding of a gift my soul caries that I was not conscious of before I went to the retreat. I was given the exact pieces I was missing in some important relationships, where I felt stuck and uncertain about what I needed to moveforward in a sacred way. All that was amazing, AND the deepest blessings came by my heart being so deeply fed from her guiding us in meditations as she transmitted such Love, Grace, Peace and Wisdom. It's a rare treasure to find someone like Amaya.

Andrea Ferrante
Falmouth, Maine USA - Coach, Healer, Mentor, Founder of Meadow Wind Healing Arts Center

I am immensely grateful to Amaya Ma. She has been there for me in several of my rites of passage during the last 10 years, always supporting me with her wisdom, knowledge, love and light. Amaya Ma is one of a kind, a wonderful teacher and channel of the Divine Mother. Amaya's teachings and divine transmissions during the Self Mastery School of Loving Presence were so very precious. I was living two different lives as I saw spirituality and everyday life as separate. Through the teachings of Love and her inspiring prayers, I learnt to infuse love, compassion, forgiveness and humility into all areas of my life with no more separation and not only did I experience brilliant results, but it also especially benefited my family and all people close to me. Amaya's immensely powerful Love Frequencies melted old beliefs, clearing and opening my heart to a completely new level where the Fear to Love started to dissolve, revealing to me the Divine Truth that I could not access previously. Amaya is a precious gift to this world for without love and the opening of the heart, a true spiritual evolution cannot be accomplished. Amaya Ma will deeply touch your life and kick start the revolution of your heart!

Claudia Navone