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Your Special Life Plan

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Divine Wisdom Teaching - 3 Hours Audio

Join Qala Sri'ama in heart space to understand your Spiritual Path, Evolutionary Path in Consciousness, and your Special Life Plan.  It may be surprising to hear that your Life Path is more influenced by your Soul Contracts, Higher Self Contracts and your Soul Mate Contracts than your own Free Will. Your Soul Contracts are made by you and your Spirit on the Spiritual Planes, and have a powerful influence upon your life, as they form the very base of the Divine Plan of your life. Very little can move forward in your life unless you have a Soul Contract with this, or your Higher Self has agreed to aid you with this, or your Soul Mate Contracts are supportive of this. Everything else is a wish, desire or want, that may have no basis for manifesting from your Soul's Energy or Light, for you have not agreed to this within the core of your heart and in the company of your Spirit.

To help you understand your Spiritual Path deeply, Qala Sri'ama explains how your Life Path experience is activated and energised to flower and develop through your Higher Self Contracts, your Soul Contracts and your Soul Mate Connections. She explains what these contracts are and how they support you, and how you make these contracts with your Spirit. After a wonderfully informative two hour teaching, all present in the live audience ask questions and receive Divine Truth regarding their Life Path and this specific topic of Higher Self, Soul and Soul Mate Contracts.

This is the audio recording of a live event presented by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix in Sydney, Australia on 26 March 2015.  (This was originally a Seminar offered in The Messenger Series)

Divine Wisdom Teaching - 3 Hours Audio

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