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Your Angelic Power of Command

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1 Day Training Program - 5 Hour Audio Package

Qala Sri’ama offers these 6 sessions as a gift to yourself and every member of your family. Families incarnate on Earth together for a higher reason. All families share an Angelic Connection known as your Angelic Lineage. When you receive the special Angelic Initiation being offered by the Enlightened Ones through these sessions, you make a spiritual reconnection to your Angelic Lineage, which is a large group of Angels who are made of all the Angelic Guardians and the Higher Selves of every member of your family including yourself. This special Spiritual Connection that you carry from this day forth, will allow you to have an Angelic Power of Command, which you may use to clear the way and the obstacles on your path, as well as on the paths of all others in your family. The Enlightened Ones will be gifting this initiation to every person who listens to these 6 special sessions, and through their loving Wisdom Messages and the Special Dispensations of Divine Reconnection received, you will be able to walk in the world in a new way, no longer feeling burdened by your Family issues, or your own personal issues, for the POWER OF ANGELIC COMMAND will be a tool used to CLEAR THE WAY AND RESTORE BALANCE TO ALL ISSUES. This is a very special series of Angelic Visitations, where thousands of Angels and Archangels will gather to support this special initiation.

These are the audio recordings of a live event presented by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix in NY, USA on 12 September 2015.  (This was originally a Seminar offered in The Messenger Series)

1 day training program - 5 hours audio package

Listen to a short sample audio from the Angelic Power of Command 5 hours audio program.

Product Contents:

1 PDF Sessions Document and 6 mp3 Audio Files (320 minutes - 5 hours and 20 minutes)


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