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Working with the Holy Presence of the Enlightened Master in Your Life

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1 Day Training Program - 4.5 Hours Audio Package

Sri’ama Qala offers these 4 sessions specifically focused on The Heart and how you can work with the Enlightened Masters to Transform your Life or Help others to transform their lives. You will receive a deepening of your connection to the Enlightened Masters and a very deep heart communion with the Masters and your own Divine Presence.

The purpose of this is to assist your Soul to raise your vibration beyond the field of duality or the Planes that hold fear, so you may have periods in your life when you are unaffected by fear and more deeply guided by the Light. Sri’ama Qala shares all of the keys for developing your connection more deeply with the Enlightened Masters, and for creating a purposeful relationship with them. You will receive an explanation of who the Masters are, and why you may wish to bring them into your life more deeply, what you can call to them for, and what they cannot help you with. Sri’ama Qala shares an understanding of how to work with them, and learn to see them as Friends of Light rather than spiritual authorities, judging you. You will learn what their mission is and how you may be connected to this Mission of Planetary Peace. These sessions include questions & answers in regards to working with the Masters, such as Mother Mary, Christ, Buddha and Quan Yin and many other representatives of the Light from many Planes of teaching, and even figures from religions, all working together with God’s Divine Plan for Peace on Earth. 

These are the audio recordings of a live event presented by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix in Mexico on 31 October 2009.

1 day training program - 4.5 hours audio package

Listen to a short sample audio from the Working with the Holy Presence of the Enlightened Masters In Your Life 4.5 hours audio program.

Product Contents:

1 PDF Session Document and 4 mp3 Audio Files (272 minutes - 4 hours and 32 minutes)


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