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Spiritualize Your Income

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1 Day Training Program - 6 Hours Audio Package

Qala Sri’ama offers these 5 sessions in response to the ongoing pressures many on the Spiritual Path experience with the material world, and generation of enough income to do what they are here for. The Enlightened Ones bring forth two very unique offers, or solutions, to the core issue of "money" that can become predominant within all Spiritual Initiates minds, to form a blockage to following the heart's clear guidance. They share with you the 5 Primary Master Keys to truly walking your path and following the inspirations of your Spirit and heart in the world as it is. During the final sessions you will be working with a $10 note (or equivalent amount in your chosen currency denomination). The Enlightened Ones share the Secret Teachings of ‘Spiritualising your Income’, and the power to increase and attract what you need via simply opening your Light Connection and working in what is known as: "Your Higher Self Connection" with your finances. All people who step up into this special connection called " Higher Self Connection" and work with their finances from this place, have all the abundance they need as Spiritual Beings in this Earthly material world, to do all they are guided to by their hearts beloveds. You will be learning and practicing with the 5 Master Keys to change your way of working with money in the world, so that it aligns to the Light and Divine Source Energy/Essence of your being. The primary problems that Souls on the Spiritual Path have with finance, sources directly from their consciousness and the ego nature battling with the higher awareness around money issues. These no longer exist when these 5 Master Keys are applied simply to all matters of finance, and just as your heart grows, and your Soul grows, so do your finances grow. These are the audio recordings of a live event presented by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix in NY, USA on 13 September 2015.  (This was originally a Seminar offered in The Messenger Series)

1 day training program - 6 hours audio package

Listen to a short sample audio from the Spiritualize Your Income 6 hours audio program.

Product Contents:

1 PDF Session Document and 5 mp3 Audio Files (343 minutes - 5 hours and 43 minutes)


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