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Lighten Your Relationship with Yourself and Your World

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Divine Wisdom Teaching - 2.5 Hours Audio Package

Using your Inner Light to receive more Light so that you may balance your relationship with yourself and your relationship with the outer world. This teaching will be of significance to those who may find it energetically difficult to always be shining their Light as a Soul in the world.  It will support those who may find at times, that the Light or energy of others effects them to close their hearts, or limit their consciousness.  It will support all Souls who receive this teaching, to receive a special blessing from the Christ Presence of their Soul, their Higher Consciousness held within higher dimensions of their heart. This blessing is in support of a deeper connection to the Light within, that they carry as a unique and special Soul.

In this teaching, dispensations will be given by Christ, Buddha and Maitreya. The dispensations received are made of a High Frequency of Light and these will be placed in the energy field of all who receive this session, with their permission, to support their inner relationship with self, and to be more balanced with the relationships they have with all others in the world.

These are the audio recordings of a live event presented by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix in WA, USA on 25 July 2013.

Divine Wisdom Teaching - 2.5 Hour Audio Package

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Product Contents:

1 PDF Session Document and 2 mp3 Audio Files (141 minutes - 2 hours and 21 minutes)


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