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Deepen Your Relationships

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Divine Wisdom Teaching - 2.5 Hours Audio

How to Co-Exist and Share your Whole Being & Discover The Greater Meaning of your Life.

When we begin to mingle our energy with others, through regular exchanges of energy, we often keep a part of ourselves hidden until we trust that this part of us can be received or understood by others. How many parts of you have you hidden away? What drives you to do this? Coordinating your time and energy with others forms depth in relationship, but when we have too many hidden parts of ourselves, the shadow nature of our being tends to control our relationships. Parts of us inside do not feel fed, met or recognized, and these parts have emotions. The hidden parts of ourselves can rise up and our emotions become strong at these times. So strong we can lose our center and when we lose our center, we can become destructive to our own being, or destructive to the potential of our positive experiences. Finding a way to share the hidden parts of your self, is the path to being able to co-exist and share your Whole Being with others. When you share your whole being, deep relationships form and all parts of oneself are met, fed and recognized. Deepening your relationships grants you the discovery of the GREATER MEANING OF YOUR LIFE. Your deeper relationships lead you to your Higher Purpose for your incarnation in this life.

In one evening, Qala Sri’ama shares with you how to Share your Whole Being with others, and how to create the reflection in your life that creates you to truly feel whole, met, and fed by your relationships and recognized as a being. The keys she shares come from her life experience of working with people from the Higher Self Perspective and seeing people in their wholeness, seeing the hidden parts they often never reveal to others as special and part of the beauty and special Mystery of each Soul. In this session, Qala will guide you how you can feel whole by discovering the MYSTERY of your Soul and allowing your hidden nature to no longer control your relationships. Dispensations from the Universal Realms, and from the Enlightened Ones will illuminate your inner guidance as Qala speaks about the depth you can create and how to create this depth in the most important relationships in your life, so you may be met by others at your own level of depth.

This is the audio recording of a live event presented by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix in NY, USA on 20 August 2016.

Divine Wisdom Teaching - 2.5 Hours Audio

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