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Activate Your Personal Quantum Shift - Parts 1 & 2

$ AUD250.00 each


2 Day Training Program - 10 hrs 56 mins Audio Package

PART 1 – Activating Your Energy and Purpose:

Love-Light-Workers are spread all over the world, doing their sacred work. Some live with full knowing of their purpose, and others follow their heart and deeply wish to experience this greater knowing of their life direction and the keys to fulfilling their purpose. What is important to recognise is that your Soul's Life Purpose is not activated unless your energy is activated to a specific frequency.

This Personal Quantum Shift experience, offers you an experience regarding 3 focuses:

  1. How to activate your Energy Levels to ignite your Life Purpose.
  2. How to activate your Life Purpose to bless you and your Life.
  3. How to live everyday of your Life with an activated energy in accordance to a higher
    purpose in your life.

Learning to truly activate your energy is the next step on your path if you have already experienced healing, love and compassion, and have learnt to let go and surrender to the flow of life.

PART 2 – The Self Mastery of Your Consciousness:

Qala speaks about Consciousness, and offers first 5 Keys of Mastery of Consciousness - Energy Practices and Keys to use as a path for creating your Consciousness to be crystal clear in your life.  A meditation is offered which guides you to open and clear the Consciousness within your Crown, Heart, and Base Chakras, and one other Primary Chakra - the Primary Chakra that over-lights an intention that you wish to open your Consciousness to, so that you have a lighter and easier experience in life. Qala shares from her own experience, how her own Inner Light and Higher Connection opened and cleared to allow her own gifts to activate.

This 2 Part Audio Program will inspire, activate and educate you in a practical way, so that when you wake up each day, you can be an activated human being on your path, with the understanding of how to create crystal clear consciousness to assist you in fulfilling your life purpose.

These audio recordings were recorded live by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix at a retreat she held in New York on 6 - 7 July 2013.

2 Day Training Program - 10 hrs 56 mins Audio Package

Listen to a short audio sample from Activate Your Personal Quantum Shift - Parts 1 & 2


Product Contents:

1 PDF Document and 11 mp3 Audio Files

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