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A Higher Perspective of Relationships

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Divine Wisdom Teaching - 2.5 Hours Audio Package

How to own the Power and Beauty of your True Self and relate with others via a Higher Perspective. Our relationships are one of the most important matters in our life. Think about how much time you spend in relationship with others! We often identify ourselves via our relationships, how they are flowing and growing or not flowing and growing. Everything we experience as a positive and negative is a reflection of our own consciousness. Our relationships guide us to the deepest reflections we carry in our being. Our Light or inner pain, some call darkness/shadow can arise via simple triggers we receive when exchanging energy, time and our essence with others.

What if you could identify yourself and own yourself truly, and your relationships could give space for everyone else to own their power and inner beauty. Would you take this path?

In these sessions Qala will offer the higher perspective needed to be held within your mind, to be able to walk your path with OWNING YOUR TRUE SELF – OWNING YOUR OWN POWER AND BEAUTY and hold the HIGHER PERSPECTIVE that is needed for all relationships to grow and flourish. Dispensations from the Enlightened Realms will be received during these sessions as you are guided to OWN YOUR POWER and EMBRACE THE HIGHER PERSPECTIVE. You can be powerful and beautiful and share your higher energy with others, but you must learn you have the power to not react and guide your life via reactions and emotions. Expect to receive a new level of inspiration and empowerment to center yourself, own your power and relate with a Higher Perspective about all matters. Reaction is the CURSE to all relationships in the world. Reactions to what other's say, do and reactions to what you say and do, is a energy drainer of one's Inner Power and Beauty and creates a loss of the higher perspective needed. Dispensations will be given to transform core reactions you may experience repeatedly to assist you to stay centered and connected to the Higher Perspective of your Relationships.

These are the audio recordings of a live event presented by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix in NY, USA on 19 August 2016.

Divine Wisdom Teaching - 2.5 Hours Audio Package

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Product Contents:

1 PDF Document and 2 mp3 Audio Files (145 minutes - 2 hours and 25 minutes)


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