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Mastery Lessons: Divine Relationship

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A series of 3 Mastery Lessons with Sri’ama Qala and Sananda for attracting the divine friendship or divine relationship you deserve to receive as a divine being.


A series of 3 Mastery Lessons with Sri’ama Qala and Sananda for attracting the divine friendship or divine relationship you deserve to receive as a divine being. Each one hour lesson offers specific master teachings to expand your mastery of divine relationships, comes packaged with masterful practises, and as you place your focus upon unwrapping the gifts held in these recordings, from within yourself, you will be personally supported every step of the way by the enlightened masters to create the greatest transformation in this area of your life.

Each mastery lesson offers the new teachings, keys and clear steps you will master as you transform and grow to create the highest potential divine relationships in your life. Each lesson may be received many times over and although it takes a minimum of 3 weeks to complete, you may take as long as you need to move through each step of the program. Transformation of your energy and consciousness in regards to relationship will take place through the combined efforts of your dedication to the practises and through the direct blessings you will receive each time you listen to the recordings of this divine relationship program. The clear understandings offered throughout this program in support of your happiness and growth through relationships, make this program suitable for both beginners and advanced students. This program may be revisited and used to uplift your divine relationship to a new level if this is your prayer at any time in the future.

Format: MP3 and Transcript PDF
Length: 3 Lessons

Lesson One 01:08:07 (hr:min:sec)
Sananda will guide you to clear the 4 energies held in your subconscious mind that may filter and block the sacred friendship and divine relationship that is of the highest benefit for you, from being fully received by you.

Lesson One 00:58:58 (hr:min:sec)
Sananda offers 3 powerful keys for the repatterning of your consciousness around expectation, chasing, wanting so your energy body may open to the universe and create heart mind union and receive the highest potential divine relationship for you.

Lesson One 01:03:04 (hr:min:sec)
Sananda offers keys and new teachings for drawing upon your higher self’s christed nature and your ability to create and share love for generating a divine relationship for the highest good of your being.

Files Included:

1. Divine Relationship: Lesson One - Audio
2. Divine Relationship: Lesson One - Transcript
3. Divine Relationship: Lesson Two - Audio
4. Divine Relationship: Lesson Two - Transcript
5. Divine Relationship: Lesson Three - Audio
6. Divine Relationship: Lesson Three - Transcript

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